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Product of the Month: Real Time 8 Channel DVR

One of the most common pitfalls to make when investing in a professional standard large CCTV system is blowing the budget on top-of-the-range cameras, and not pairing them with a Digital Video Recorder with the quality to match.

Realtime D1 2TB 8 Channel CCTV DVR, Motion Detection, iPhone and DVDRW
Our professional 8 Channel CCTV DVR


After all, it doesn’t matter if you have the highest quality cameras on the market if the files are being stored at a sub-optimal resolution. Because of this we always recommend our real time 8 Channel DVR for the most demanding commercial security assignments. This veritable beast of a recorder has been specifically designed to work with our advanced Sony EFFIO cameras, capable of capturing a class leading 700TV lines of detail. Simply put, these cameras accept no compromises!

For some recorders, the problem comes when you try and record multiple cameras at the highest possible frame rate. Here in the UK, television plays images at 25 frames per second. This speed gives smooth, fluid motion without any jerkiness, and is described in CCTV terms as “real time”. Recording at this rate on all cameras for an 8 channel system gives a total of 200 frames per second for the recorder to process. Most Digital Video Recorders get around this by either reducing the resolution captured (not desirable for high quality cameras) or- more commonly- by dropping the frame rate for each camera to 12 or 6 fps. The preserves detail in the image, but results in the stereotypical CCTV “slideshows” that can make it hard to track a subject’s movement. This commercial quality recorder however, is capable of recording 200fps at full resolution.

8 Varifocal 30m IR SONY Effio 700TVL CCTV Cams and 2Tb D1 Realtime DVR
One of our Professional 8 Camera Security systems

Naturally, the recorder is outfitted with a glut of additional features designed to help integrate it easily into any Professional Security System. Important footage, for example, can be burned straight to a DVD or CD using the built-in DVD recorder. If storing large quantities of footage, the device can hold up to 6 internal Hard Disk Drives, allowing a potential 12TB of storage when fully upgraded! For playing back and monitoring the footage, the recorder features an HDMI interface, providing a full 1080p output that can work with almost any modern TV or monitor without the need for fiddly additional adapters.

As with all of our standalone Digital Video recorders, the device also has a full range of Motion Detection and scheduling options, including the ability to program recording independently for each camera. The unit can also be connected to a network, with a one-time set up allowing you to monitor, playback and record footage from any almost PC, smartphone or tablet!

This state of the art device is handily included in many of our pre made CCTV Security Systems. Alternatively, get in touch with our advisers and we can put together a bespoke system for you!

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