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Protecting your home whilst you’re on holiday

Going on holiday this summer? Who doesn’t look forward to summer holidays – a chance to get away with the family and partake in soaking up the summer sun and relaxing on the beach? But be aware that there are other fans of the summer months too, but for the wrong reasons. Thieves are often on the look-out for homes that look empty, particularly during holiday-times, as they know that families and households travel abroad. This gives them a real opportunity to target your house if you don’t have appropriate home security.

CCTV monitoring equipment is one of the top deterrents to a burglar. A burglar used to scouting a house will check for what protection you have first and go for the easiest option. After all, in a world where technology is constantly improving, especially in the CCTV surveillance camera industry, it would take a pretty daft thief to risk being caught on the latest modern CCTV systems.

Prices for CCTV monitoring equipment and surveillance cameras have come down a great deal and are now achievable by the average household. Basic 1 and 2 camera systems can start for under £100 and full, 4 camera packages can be as little as £299.00. With advancements in CCTV systems and plug and play technology, systems are easy to install. The myth that you need to get a fully qualified installer involved at greatly added expense is just that, a myth.

Most systems can now be installed by somebody with DIY skills. All you need to be able to do is screw some holes into the wall for the cameras, run a cable (that is already cut to length) and use the simple pre-determined connectors to push or twist the connections into place. Simple! When buying, make sure you choose a company that offer technical support should you run into any trouble setting the system up. With somebody to guide you through choosing the location and type of cameras you’ll need, all you’re required to do is get your overalls on and the ladder out. Most systems can simply plug into your existing TV or PC saving you the additional expense of buying the monitor, with a range of options available depending on requirements and budget.

Here are the easiest CCTV systems to install.

You can even watch some systems on your Smartphone or iPad whilst on holiday for under £400 (holiday not included). CCTV systems are becoming increasingly popular for home security as they allow you to see and hear your visitors and monitor your visitors.

Check our support services for help installing your CCTV systems.

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