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Protective Surveillance for Home Security

When looking at a new Home CCTV Security System, the vast amount of options available for cameras, recorders and accessories mean it’s not hard for someone new to the field to feel intimidated! There’s no need for stress- most CCTV systems require no more skills than wiring a Hifi! It does pay however, to take some time to consider what type of property you want to secure before investing in a Surveillance System.

Wireless night vision camera and recorder kit
Our best selling Wireless IR Recorder Kit

Many homeowners simply want to keep an eye on a small area of their property such as a door, garage or shed. For these type of scenarios it’s often not necessary to set up a more bulky wired system, as our one camera wireless CCTV systems are wonderfully quick to install. Our Wireless IR Camera and Recorder Kit, for example, uses a combined receiver and recorder unit that records directly onto SD cards. This system can record from up to 50m away whilst being discreetly stored in a drawer or cupboard.

As with all of our Digital Video Recorders, this compact device features a Motion Detection recording mode,  that automatically triggers whenever movement is detected in the camera’s video feed. This helps ensure that you only record the important events! You can even block out areas of the image that often see movement, preventing accidental recording. This is controlled completely by the recorder, so there’s no need for external Motion Detectors.

420TVL CCTV Security Camera with 30m night vision
Wired CCTV camera with 30m Night Vision

For securely monitoring an entire property or garden, nothing beats the solid construction that a Wired CCTV system can provide. As the connection to the recorder is more secure, wired cameras can provide a significantly improved image, with resolutions up to 700TV Lines. This provides crisp video full of sharp detail. In addition, many of our wired Security Cameras boast massive Night Vision ranges, made possible by high power LEDs. This makes them ideal to watch over any unlit outdoor areas- ideal for watching a car in your driveway! Very large properties may even want to use Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) cameras that can be remotely moved by a user, although these require a more complex installation, so are only recommended for enthusiasts!

4 Channel CCTV DVR with LAN access
4 Channel CCTV DVR with remote access

These heavy duty cameras demand a recorder to match, and our LAN Access DVRs are just the thing! They record straight onto a built in Hard Drive (up to 2TB in size), and can easily be connected to your home TV or a Computer Monitor for playback. Where they really come into their own is their ability to connect to a network. After a one time set up process, this allows you to watch your live CCTV footage over the internet, even using a mobile device!  Just imagine the peace of mind that comes with being able to keep a close eye on your possessions wherever you are!

Whatever your needs, you can always get in touch with SpyCameraCCTV’s CCTV experts, who can answer any questions you have. Simply give us a call on 0117 325 2470!

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