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Provide Shelter to Birds and Watch Them Grow!

Using a Bird Box Camera to watch baby chicks get nurtured by their parents is great experience for anyone with a love of wildlife. Whether you’re a seasoned Twitcher or setting up a gift for your kids, it’s so simple to add one of our tiny wireless cameras to a basic nesting box, letting you watch the birds on your home TV!

Naturally, the first step is to decide where you want to install your Bird Box. They can be successfully used anywhere between 1.5-5m from the ground, but we would always recommend at least 2m off the ground if you know there may be cats nearby!  In addition, it may be worth considering what species’ of bird you are expecting to use the box- larger birds like Kestrels and Owls prefer higher positions with less cover, whereas Robins and Wrens take better to lower areas with plenty of undergrowth.

Blue tits in nest box taken with Bird Box Camera
Our Bird Box Cameras recorded this Blue Tit family

Our cameras have been designed from scratch for this purpose, so include great features such as invisible Infra-Red LED lights that don’t disturb the birds, and a wide angle lens that lets you see all of the confined space in the box. Once set up, the Wireless Bird Box Camera can transmit to the receiver from up to 50m in clear line of sight, but this will be reduced by up to half by going through walls.

Wireless Bird Box Camera with Night Vision - Perfect for your Garden
Our best selling Wireless Bird Box Camera Kit

Each camera comes with a flexible bracket so you can easily find a suitable mounting position in the top of the box, and simply screw the camera securely into the wood. At this point it’s a good idea to power up the camera and receiver, and then hook them up to your TV to quickly check the focus of the lens- not very easy to do when it’s attached to a tree! Remember that although the camera is wireless, it still needs to be hooked up to power, so you may need to drill a small hole in the box for the lead. Now your Nest Box Camera is ready to go outside!

The camera will have a sticker on it with a number. This is the wireless channel that it operates on, so just check your receiver is set to this number as well. For the best possible results, try and place the receiver unit away from sources of wireless signal such as WiFi Routers or Telephones. We know in this day and age this can be problematic! If you do experience interference from WiFi (this may look like rapidly moving black bands), then it’s fairly easy to change your Internet Router’s channel. Just give our UK based Tech Support experts a call on 0117 325 2470 and we can walk you through it.

No special tools or skills are needed, so don’t delay- start enjoying your Bird Box Camera this holiday!

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