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Ready to buy? A CCTV Checklist

Whilst we have often tried to simplify the process here, buying a CCTV system remains a thorny prospect for many customers, as there are simply so many aspects to consider. Add to that the importance of getting it right, and it can be incredibly stressful for first time buyers. As part of our ongoing mission to demystify this as much as possible, we have put together this basic CCTV checklist for those looking to buy their first wired kit. It shouldn’t be considered a comprehensive list, more a selection of points that are quite easy to overlook when planning.

4 SONY CCD Super HAD 30m Infrared CCTV Cameras Motion Detect LAN DVR
Our home CCTV systems include every component you need to get them up and running


  • Are you installing the system yourself? If you are then make sure your cameras come with all of the required brackets, mounts or screws, and there is tech support available if required. Naturally, all of our Gamut CCTV equipment fits the bill here. If not, then make sure you factor in the cost of an installation when budgeting for your system.
  • Do you have all the areas that need to be covered planned out? This is a subject for a whole blog by itself, and will decide how many cameras your system needs. The important areas include entrances & exits and high risk items like cars, and don’t forget that you may need to double up coverage if you want to focus on a specific area as well as capture a wide field of view.
  • Do you know what resolution cameras you need? Generally it’s always best to get the highest resolution possible, but budget will not always allow this. If you have a specific requirement to identify faces or vehicles on commercial premises however, then it is worth stretching to a High Definition IP camera system.
2MP 1080p HD Outdoor IP Network Security Camera with 30m Night Vision
IP cameras use digital imaging to record in exceedignly high detail
  • Which lenses do you need? Optics will have a massive effect on your CCTV’s effectiveness. A lens with enough zoom on an average camera will often  pick out more detail than a wide angle on an expensive model, but will only cover a small area. When in doubt, cameras with Varifocal lenses allow you to manually adjust this yourself.
  • Have you measured the distance they have to see? This is especially vital for any night vision cameras, as they need to be powerful enough to cover the distance to the subject. Remember that cameras don’t give the best results at the very edge of their range, so if you want to see 25m it’s worth investing in a 30m camera.
  • How much cable do you need? This is one of the most basic questions when planning a system, but is all too easy to get wrong! Make sure you have more than enough cable to reach from the cameras to where your recorder is located. It’s always best to err on the side of caution here, as you don’t really lose anything from having cables slightly too long! Of course, make sure you take into account any twists and turns the cable will have to take when running through walls as well.
250m Reel RG59 Coaxial Shotgun CCTV Video Cable with DC Power Line
For the largest installations we also supply uncut cable reels
  • How much storage is required? This is about more than just recording time, as more storage space will also let you record the same amount of footage at a higher quality. If the CCTV is for a licensed premises then there may be a specific recording time mandated by the license. If required, there are many online calculators available for working out what size hard drive is needed in your recorder.
  • Do you have all the required connectors? All of our premade CCTV systems include all the required connectors and adaptors, but if you are making one up yourself then make sure all of the cables have the correct connections. Don’t forget- you can always give us a call and we can help you put together your bespoke system!
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