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Scenario- Places to hide a spy camera

Despite their sometimes ‘sinister’ reputation, hidden spy cameras are a vital part of many different types of security systems. Whilst they don’t provide a visual deterrent, they really are the only way to go if you are looking to capture a subject red handed, as is required if you want to pursue a disciplinary action or prosecution. In the past our customers have used them to catch thieving employees, people vandalising cars, and even to catch abuse in care homes. But just how would you go about finding places to hide a spy camera? We take a lot at some of the more (…and less) practical ways of concealing one of our most popular spy cameras- the 720p battery powered camera.

Plant Pots

If you are looking for somewhere to conceal the camera in an office, then a small plant pot is a great option. They usually have a decent amount of space underneath the plant, and it’s quite simple to cut a small hole in the side for the lens to record through. For larger pots and planters, you could even leave the lens recording from amongst the leaves, without even having to bury it. If you do have to bury the camera, then it’s best to cover it in a waterproof box or bag. Of course, make sure that nobody else can discover the camera when the plant gets watered.

desk plant
image via


This is a really popular solution for security recording at home, for example if you’re worried about things going missing from your study. Just tuck the camera out of the way on a shelf in between books. It only needs a tiny gap to record through, so you can often hid it in the space behind two volumes. The benefit here is that you don’t need to faff around with cutting holes or making something to hide the camera in- just hide it on the shelf and you’re good to go. One thing to consider though, make sure to double check the entire room is in view. Sometimes you will have to find a way to angle the camera slightly downwards if the shelf is elevated.

Tissue Box

The perfect hiding place if you want to keep the camera in your bedroom, and one that wouldn’t attract any attention if left on a dresser or bedside table. Just remove some of the tissues from the bottom of the box, and poke a tiny hole in the side. This is also quite a portable option, as you can move a tissue box around without causing too much interest.

tissue box on night stand
image via

Parcel Shelf

Customers don’t just use our covert cameras to monitor offices and homes-  they are also a really versatile solution if you want to record inside your vehicle. There are loads of options for hiding the camera in a car, but probably the most popular is just to tuck it away on the parcel shelf just behind the rear seats. This way you can point it either either at the interior or out the back window, depending on where you want to record. Night vision can’t work through glass, so if recording the outside then be sure there is enough light in the area.

The Great Outdoors

Never let it be said that it’s all shoplifters and car vandals here, as our customers have also used the spy camera for watching wildlife. The battery can last for days or even weeks depending on the triggering mode used, so it’s not a problem to leave it out away from a power source. Also, the cameras are not designed to be waterproof, so you would need to find some kind of housing to protect it. One of our enterprising customers used a simple tupperware box, with fantastic results…

Naturally, when using concealed cameras it is always vitally important to make sure your installation conforms to privacy laws. Videos can be rejected by the Police and courts if they these laws are not adhered to, even if they show something incriminating. We always recommend consulting with local police or law enforcement before installing covert cameras.

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