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“Sex: My British Job” Uses Spy Glasses

A Channel 4 documentary called Sex: My British Job features a journalist’s discoveries when she goes undercover in a British brothel. The journalist, Hsiao-Hung Pai, uses glasses with a hidden camera to record some of the shocking treatment of Chinese women working in the brothel.

Hsiao-Hung Pai poses as a housekeeper as she uncovers the shocking reality of how easy it is for Chinese immigrant women to be lured into the sex trade. With her spy glasses she reveals the day-to-day goings on from abuse by the owners and the hope of making a lot of money to send home and support their families.

Spy gadgets are becoming commonplace for people looking to uncover secrets and bring the truth to light. From catching out cheating spouses, incriminating abusive neighbours and identifying vandals.

The variety of every day objects that can be geared up to be a spy gadget are pretty endless. There are many ways to be creative to catch the footage you need without your partner, neighbour or coworker being any the wiser.

From pens, watches and tissue boxes to button holes, travel adaptors and smoke alarms, these items can all have covert cameras inside of them, and even record the footage from the device as well! The camera lens itself is so small that no one would be able to tell it was there….even with close inspection it would be pretty difficult to spot.

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