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Spy Camera Scenario: A New Babysitter

We have recently had a baby and have employed a new baby sitter. When we go out for dinner we would like to be able see what is going on. Whilst we don’t suspect our new babysitter, as new parents we just want that extra peace of mind. We intend to record what is going on when the room is occupied and on our arrival home we would want to look through the footage and then once everything is OK, delete it there and then.
For now we would only want one camera that has a view of most of the room – so perhaps drilled into the wall or hidden somewhere. Is there anything that we could plug into our computer or TV? Ease of use is essential we just want something that we can view straight away after our dinner and know that everything is fine.

The best product for this is a Hidden Wireless Pin Hole Camera
This has 3-8 hours battery life or it can plug straight into the mains, you can set it up to record constantly or when there is movement. It is a colour camera and the video footage is the highest resolution available, it is also time and date stamped – should anything ever happen and you needed evidence. It sends a wireless signal from the camera to the receiver, the receiver has a USB connection so you can easily connect it to the computer. It then records straight to the computer and so you can simply play back the footage whenever you want. The best feature would be that you can set it to broadcast straight onto the internet so you could watch it on live stream over your mobile or on your laptop whilst you’re out. Because the camera is just slightly bigger than a sugar cube you would only need a 2-3mm hole – so maybe think about hiding it in a plant pot, or in a file on your bookshelf.

Wireless Colour Pinhole Camera just 2x2x2cm, connect to PC by USB

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