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Spy Camera Scenario: An employee is stealing from me


I think an employee is stealing from me, how can I assess the situation and gather evidence? I would like to be able to take the suspect to court if I wanted to, if I had them on camera how could I convict them? I would like to place the camera on the shop floor, so it has to be quite good quality as there are always people there.


This Sony Pinhole PIR Detector Camera is an ideal covert camera for recording the shop floor. It has a wide angle lens for 72 degrees of vision and records in colour. Pinhole PIR Detector Hidden CCD Camera with 420TV line and Audio The crystal clear images allow you to use digital zoom with the amazing 540tvl quality, so if you do record someone stealing and couldn’t tell who, you can easily zoom in to figure out who the culprit is. There is also an integrated microphone for audio recording, so you can listen to any conversations – this could stand as evidence in court too. You would have to buy it with the 4 Channel DVR 500 which allows up to 4 cameras to be connected at any one time. 4 Channel 100FPS H.264 CCTV DVR 500GB D1 Motion Detection Recorder LANAnd most importantly the 500GB hard drive provides weeks of recording capacity.

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