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Spy Camera Scenario: Help when reversing a caravan?


I own a large caravan that I often use for weekend trips (when the great British Summer allows). Due to restrictions for parking, I inevitably have to reverse with it attached, and this is a constant source of anxiety.  Naturally, there is quite a large blind spot directly behind the caravan, and even with the addition of extended wing mirrors, I cannot get a clear view. A recent near miss with the neighbour’s cat has confirmed that I need to find some way of remotely monitoring behind the vehicle whilst backing up. Basically, is there a camera available that can help me with reversing a caravan?

Car pulling a caravan on a dual carriageway
Image- Highways agency via Flickr



This is a very common problem, and one not just limited to caravans- trucks, coaches and boat trailers all have large blind spots directly behind them, and require spotters when reversing. Luckily, our new digital wireless caravan reversing camera uses the latest technology to provide a simple solution. The kit includes a small but durable camera on a metal mount, which can be attached onto the very rear of your trailer or vehicle (directly above the licence plate usually gets the clearest view). This then uses an integrated transmitter to send video to the included monitor, which can be installed on your dashboard. This provides a live view of everything directly behind you. Of course it doesn’t replace the peripheral vision you get from your mirrors, but it adds another safeguard if you are reversing in an area where there might be hazards in your way.

Our new digital wireless camera can help when reversing a caravan
Our new digital wireless camera can help when reversing a caravan

The camera is fully weatherproofed, so can withstand the worst spray in inclement weather, and is fitted with an array of Infra-red LEDs. The latter provides up to 5m of clear night vision illumination, essential if you are manoeuvring in areas with no lighting at night. To aid in aligning your vehicle, the monitor also displays an overlay on the image, providing an indication of where the rear is pointed. The system even uses the same advanced digital wireless technology as our popular 4 camera security systems. This means the camera and screen pair together on an encrypted signal, and greatly reduces the chance of wireless interference causing picture breakdown. It also allows an extended transmission range, so the system should work on even the longest trailers!

Digital Wireless Reversing CameraTo install the system, the rear view camera wires directly into the vehicle’s reversing light circuit. This is reasonably straight forward, but should really only be done by someone familiar with electrical installation procedures. The monitor itself simply connects to the cigarette lighter socket in your dashboard, and is held in place by a suction mount. To aid in steering, the image in the screen can be mirrored, or can be flipped upside down, allowing more flexibility when installing the camera. This all adds up to provide a comprehensive system to help keep your caravan- and those around you- safe in those tricky parking situations!

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