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Spy Camera Scenario: Keeping an eye on my baby


I want to be able to keep an eye on my baby whilst I’m in the house and my baby is in it’s room. I would like to be able to assess the situation without having to go into the room – Is this an option? Audio would also be good, as I can hear if the baby is crying or not, just like a normal baby monitor.


We would recommend the DVR Recorder Camera Baby Monitor. This is a wireless camera that comes with a hand held receiver and recorder that you can simply keep 2.5 inch LCD DVR Recorder Wireless Pinhole Camera Baby Monitor, 2GB SDin your pocket whilst around the house. With this you can watch the video that also has audio as well as being able to record. If you don’t want to constantly have the hand held and would like to just sit back and watch some TV you can switch over to the AV channel on your TV when and if you hear any noise or if you simply want to check up on your baby.

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