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Spy Camera Scenario: Preventing Copper Theft


Copper thief
It’s high value means copper is an increasingly tempting target for criminals- image via

I run a small Dental practice serving the local community. Unfortunately our services have recently been severely disrupted because Copper thieves removed a large quantity of cabling that was run around the exterior of her building. This is a very bad situation for her, as the cabling was connected to vital systems in the practice, as well as our alarm system. We already have a wireless CCTV camera for the interior, but we realised this would not be of use for this purpose, as the power cables will be exposed, so the cable thieves could just as easily cut them. Also the image quality, whilst ideal for our current use, would not be enough to get a conviction should it go to court. What CCTV could you recommend for preventing copper theft?


Copper theft is a serious problem in the UK. Whilst recorded incidents have actually dropped significantly since their height in 2008, the crime still costs the economy an estimated £1 billion per year. In addition to the actual lost materials, theft of cabling can cripple a community’s infrastructure and has led to problems with everything from phone lines to train services. The problem is so serious that the government last year brought in new regulations to prevent scrap metal merchants paying cash-in-hand for copper from anonymous sellers.

Sony Effio P Vandal Proof Dome camera 700 TV Line 30m Night vision WDR
Many of our Gamut CCTV cameras boast vandal proof brackets

Luckily, in this case there are quite a few options available to help prevent the incident happening again. The key is to find a type of camera that has no exposed wiring, as anyone who is looking to strip copper away from a building will surely have no qualms about cutting camera cables! Rather counter-intuitively, wireless cameras are not the best solution, as they will always have exposed power cables. A better solution would be a wired CCTV camera with a vandal proof bracket. These cameras use a robust but hollow metal mount, allowing you to run the cabling down the middle and into the interior of the building. This completely protects it from any malicious unwanted attention. Almost all of our professional standard Gamut CCTV cameras have this feature, in addition to boasting high grade Sony imaging chips. The stable and reliable wired connection also allows them to record video at much higher resolutions than most wireless equipment. Gamut’s professional CCTV cameras are available individually if you already have an existing security system, and can easily be connected using industry standard BNC cables. Alternatively, if you are starting from scratch then we have an extensive range of all-inclusive systems on offer, with 4, 8 or 16 cameras.

720p HD 4 IP Camera Security System with IR, POE and 500GB HDMI NVR
These IP security cameras allow you to record in 720p HD

If you required the very highest resolution possible in order to gather evidence for a conviction, then our 4 IP camera security system is also a fantastic option. Featuring 4 720p HD IP cameras, 2 are fitted with vandal-proof brackets making them suitable for this situation. As they entirely use digital technology in order to capture and send video signals, they provide extremely crisp images full of detail. The included recorder can even capture footage at 720p, so there is no loss in quality anywhere in the system. Neither of these systems is inconspicuous, but that is exactly what you want in situations like this. Whilst many people look for hidden or secret cameras in order to get a conviction, a visual presence by CCTV cameras will have a deterrent effect, making the theft less likely in the first place.  

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