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Spy Camera Scenario: Preventing theft while camping


This coming Spring, me and my boyfriend are going to fulfil an ambition we’ve had for years, and hike the length of the Appalachian trail. However, after a theft on a previous camping trip, we were looking for a way to record anyone around our tent when we are out. As it will be in the countryside, it will obviously need to be something battery powered, but we are concerned about how many batteries we will get through in order to keep it working for the entire trek. We are also avid nature lovers, so if the camera could also record any wildlife nearby at night that would be a benefit. Is there anything you could suggest for preventing theft while camping?

A tent lit up at night under the moon
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First things first, there are a few really easy steps you can take whilst camping to help limit your risk of theft. Crime is rare on these trails, but it’s always better safe than sorry! Generally, pitching you tent in a visible location close to the trail, will make it a less tempting target for thieves, who prefer to operate out of sight. Similarly, it’s best to keep any valuables that you don’t keep on you inside the tent and out of sight from prying eyes. Other campers also tend to look out for each other, so don’t be afraid to make friends out on the trail!

1080 HD Hunting Trail Camera with Invisible IR and PIR Motion Detect
Our HD trail camera is ideal for security in remote locations

These precautions can only go so far however, so if you are concerned about theft then it might be worth investing in a hidden camera to record any activity around your tent when you are away. As with so many tricky scenarios in locations away from power, our Trail Cameras provide the perfect option. The cameras work using standard AA batteries, and use PIR sensors in order to trigger video recording whenever they detect movement nearby. You can easily conceal the camera either inside your tent- or in the undergrowth nearby- and leave it on standby to record any activity, be it a thief or just an inquisitive raccoon. Cameras are available in either standard or 1080 Full HD if you are looking for the best possible detail in your video recordings. If your route takes you closer to towns with network reception, then you can even use one of the MMS hunting camera models. These can be set up to send a picture message to your phone whenever the camera is triggered.

Solar Charger Power Supply for Invisible IR Hunting Trail Cameras
Our solar power supply is ideal for use out in the field

The camera has a massive battery life when on standby (up to 6 months!), but this will be reduced to a few days if it is in a location where it records quite often. Obviously, if you are out on the trail it won’t be ideal to keep a supply for spare batteries. Because of this, we also have a solar power supply available. This combines a Lithium rechargeable battery with a built-in solar charger, potentially letting the camera stay on standby and ready to record for over a year. This makes a combination ideal for the demands of a long trek in the pristine wilderness.

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