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Spy Camera Scenario: Protecting My Home Office


I would like to keep an eye on my study at home, I do most of my work from here and have a hidden safe in the room. I would like to install some sort of device that can record if anyone was to go inside my study and disrupt or steal anything. What is the best thing for this?



One of the most discreet and therefore great choice for this sort of situation would be the Spy Wall Clock. It looks like a typical wall clock with normal AA batteries to power the hands, but with a tiny camera just above the number 6. The camera itself can either be mains operated or powered by a 6V battery. It has a very simple remote with buttons to press for on/off motion detection  so there is no need for any set up. It also has a USB slot so that you can connect to your computer, but also a micro SD card slot as the camera will record both audio and video files to this. Hidden Wall Clock Camera with Motion Detection Recording to SD Card

We have had this tried and tested by us and our customers and the suspects don’t notice anything other than an ordinary clock, even when they may suspect it to be a camera they can’t find anything to suggest so.


caught in the act


This image depicts how high the quality and definition is from this tiny hidden camera. It also gives you an idea of where to place it in relation to where you would want a shot of. Here it is facing the door and the security safe to the left of the shot.

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