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Spy Camera Scenario: Protecting your Car from being Vandalized

This popular post was originally published in 2012. We have republished it here with some information on new products and options available…

Scenario: Protecting Your Car

I have just bought a new car and I’m worried it might be vandalized when I leave it to go to work. Previously my car has been scratched and the side mirror was broken off when left for a prolonged period of time. Is there anything I can do to stop this or something that can help me find evidence to convict the people doing it?

A broken window in a car
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Our tiny battery powered camera is ideal for leaving inside a car

It’s a tricky situation when it comes to car security cameras. But we do recommend having a camera so that you have evidence but also to see what the best area is to leave your car. Unfortunately it’s not easy to record in a car, as anything left in a car has to work on its power, and the surrounding windows mean that using anything with night vision is out of the question, as this will cause bright glare in the image. One solution that has proved extremely effective however, is our battery powered 720 HD video recorder, a small device that uses a rechargeable lithium battery and records to standard MicroSD cards.

As it doesn’t need to be connected to a power supply, you can place the camera on the parcel shelf or even on the dashboard of your car. The built-in recorder can be triggered by motion, vibration or sound, making it one of the most versatile options out there. The only thing to bear in mind is that the camera does not have a night vision mode making it unsuitable for unlit areas. This uses a separate camera and recorder- powered from your car’s cigarette lighter socket- to record video in environments much darker than the small battery device can handle. 

In Car Dash Camera

Car cameras are becoming increasingly popular as a means to protect yourself against fraudulent insurance claims and provide evidence of any damage to your vehicle when out on the roads. This 720p HD dash camera is ideal for this scenario with multiple recording modes and GPS location data to log exactly where the footage was recorded.


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