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Spy Camera Scenario: Someone’s Fly Tipping on my land


I am a farmer who owns a large property in remote location in rural Dorset. Over the last few years I have been seeing increasingly severe amounts of fly tipping by the access roads to my land. The amount of trash is only increasing, and includes rubbish such as old fridges that are incredibly costly to be responsibly disposed of. The guilty parties seem to be driving up in the middle of the night and unloading their rubbish in areas quite far away from the main buildings. I want to set up some night vision cameras to catch them red handed, but because of the location there is no chance of running mains power to the site. Despite this, any monitoring equipment has to have a long standby time, as we don’t know exactly when these ne’er-do-wells are dropping it off!


Security in this type of remote location is one of the trickiest problems for CCTV customers, as even the most advanced wireless kits will still need to be attached to a power source. Furthermore, the nature of the problem requires detailed video files with high quality night vision. Luckily, we have just the thing for the job! Our range of battery powered Hunting Cameras provide a discreet way to keep an eye out for intruders, with amazingly long standby times.

1080 HD Hunting Trail Camera
Our new 1080 HD Hunting Camera

Originally designed to be attached to trees and undergrowth in order to capture pictures of wildlife, these nifty devices have since proved invaluable for a wide variety of home and business security applications. Our newest model, the 1080 HD Hunting Camera, can run from 12 standard AA batteries, and sit on standby until a subject trigger’s its Passive Infrared (PIR) Motion Detection sensors. Because it uses so little power, it can remain guarding on standby mode for up to 6 months! Once triggered it can be set to either record detailed high definition video, or still photos. Both of these modes use “invisible IR” LEDs in order to record clear images of subjects in the dead of night without any tell-tale red glow or flashing lights!

For those who want a system with instant alerts, some of our Hunting camera models even allow MMS messaging notifications, sending a still image straight to your phone when the sensors are triggered.  This means you can notify the authorities as soon as possible. All of this provides you with a battery powered night vision camera suitable for live monitoring, all for less than the cost of a standard wired CCTV system!

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