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Spy Camera Scenario: Spring Watch Bird Box Camera


It’s almost Spring and the birds are beginning to nest. I have a lovely bird box in my garden and I would like to be able to somehow watch the nesting without disturbing the birds. Is there anything you can suggest?


There are several cameras that you can use for this scenario, but the most popular is the Wireless Bird Box Camera. This transmits colour video and records straight to a SD card  which you can insert into a Computer or Mac to view your video. Once the SD Card has been filled to capacity, the Mini DVR can automatically overwrite the oldest footage – so you don’t have to worry about upsetting the birds. This camera also has motion detection so it will record whenever the birds move, feed, hatch or just check out the box. You can also watch a live stream by plugging your receiver into your TV or laptop and enjoy the beauty of nature in your living room or home.

D1 Mini DVR with bird box IR Camera

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