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Spy Camera Scenario: Upgrading to an IP security system


I run a second hand luxury car dealership in a retail park, so naturally security is a major concern. Most of the cars are kept in a large car park at the back of our property, but recently we have had some unfortunate break-ins. Whilst the crims didn’t manage to get away with anything, they did cause quite a bit of damage in their attempt. Naturally we already have a 700TVL car park CCTV system, but even that really didn’t record the level of detail we wanted when we went back to look at the footage. If we want to improve on this system, what would our options be? I have read about IP security systems, but am a bit confused as to how they work- would that be an option?

A line of cars in a dealership
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Solution: IP Security Systems

High end analogue CCTV such as Sony’s EFFIO devices are capable of recording impressive levels of detail- and are simple to set up- but they do have an inherent limit on just how much fine detail they can capture. So what do you turn to when you need something more advanced? This is where IP security systems come in. These state-of-the-art cameras use an all digital imaging system in order to capture levels of fine detail just not possible with traditional CCTV. As the data is all captured, transferred and recorded digitally, there is no analogue-to-digital conversion required, which is one of the causes for image quality loss. This allows IP cameras to record footage in genuine Full HD (1920x1080p), the same pixel dimensions as broadcast HD television. Even the basic models record in 720p HD, still significantly higher quality than analogue cameras.

2MP 1080p HD Outdoor IP Network Security Camera with 30m Night Vision
Our new range of IP cameras combine outstading image quality with solid build

SpyCameraCCTV’s new range of IP bullet cameras not only boast this high recording quality, but also a whole range of professional security features. These include powerful 30m night vision LEDs to help after hours recording, and IP66 weatherproof casings. They even feature varifocal zoom lenses, and essential requirement if you want to set up cameras to monitor different areas of the large car park.

8 CH H.264 1080p HD NVR, 2TB HDD, Motion Detection & Network Access
An HD NVR can record footage in full 1080p resolution

As IP cameras transfer data using a network cable, they are also an ideal fit for setting up remote monitoring over the internet. Multiple cameras can be plugged directly into your router without having to connect via a bulky DVR. In this way you can easily set up live viewing to watch your cameras on a PC or mobile device whilst away from your property. An HD NVR– or Network Video Recorder- will allow you to record video from your cameras without any loss in quality. As everything is linked up to your network, the cameras do not have to run directly into your recorder. This means you can keep the NVR concealed out of sight, ensuring the footage on it’s 2TB hard drive remains safe.

Previous models IP camera have been rather involved to set up, leaving them traditionally the domain of dedicated security companies. The latest generation however are much simpler, with easy to follow step by step instructions for configuring the system, and an automated recorder set up that detects cameras on your network without having to manually enter their details. This all means that state-of-the-art IP security has never been so easy and cost effective to install, making this the perfect time to upgrade your business CCTV system!

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