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Spy Camera Scenario: Who is stealing food from my cupboard?


Recently I have been at my wit’s end trying to solve an incredibly frustrating mystery. I am a Uni Fresher living in halls with a shared kitchen, and over the course of the last few weeks everything from corn flakes to croissants- and even part of my cherished collection of Beers- has gone walkabout from my cupboard. I actually have suspicions it could actually be the security guard, who we have seen mysteriously hanging around in the kitchen on occasion, but it would be impossible to make a serious allegation without any form of proof. Can you help me find out who is stealing food from my cupboard?

As I live in halls, I cannot install anything permanent, and I can only access it at certain points in the day, so it would need to have a scheduling or motion detection mode that can be left running for quite a while. Is this possible?


This type of situation has quite a specific set of requirements, with no installation with cables possible, and potentially a long standby time. Of course, any camera would also have to be quite discreet, as suspicious cameras could cause a problem if found before any evidence can be collected. Luckily, we stock a camera that has proved itself to ideal for just this type of scenario, and as well as one of the most versatile security devices that we stock- the Z15 HD spy video recorder.

Our Z15 spy video recorder is one of the most versatile devices available for it’s size

This compact recorder runs from an internal rechargeable battery, and records to it’s built-in MicroSD card slot. This means it can run completely as a standalone device, without having to be connected to any power sources, recorders or sensors. This not only provides for an ultra-quick setup, but means it’s much simpler to hide the unit whilst in use. The camera records through a tiny pinhole lens on the side of the device which, when combined with it’s slim size, makes it easy to conceal in a biscuit tin or cereal box for use. Importantly, it boasts several sensor modes that allow it to trigger recording whenever it detects audio, vibrations or movement in front of the lens.

All of the recorder’s in depth configuration is performed with a simple computer program, available as a free download from the manufacturer’s website. Simply install program, then connect the camera via USB. This then lets you quickly edit a host of options including:

  • Video Quality– The bit rate and frame rate of the recording can be lowered to reduce file size
  • Resolution– Camera can record at 1280×720 HD, or dropped to lower to save space
  • Orientation– Image can be flipped upside-down to correct for how the camera is installed
  • Timestamp– Recorder can add time and date information to label recordings
  • Circular Recording– Lets the device write over older footage once card is full
  • LED On/Off– Status lights can be disabled to keep device discreet
  • Voice Trigger Sensitivity– Camera can be set to activate when it picks up audio nearby, with 3 different sensitivity levels
  • Vibration Trigger Sensitivity– Activates camera when shocks and vibrations are detected. Features 3 sensitivity levels and a power save mode to extend battery life when on standby
  • Motion Trigger Sensitivity– Starts recording when movement is detected in front of the lens, ideal for use when left in a cupboard!
  • Auto On/Off– Program recording times into the device, letting it sit on standby for days at a time

This wide range of recording possibilities, coupled with the Z15’s compact size and low comparative cost, make it one of the best devices available for tricky situations like these.

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