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Spy Camera Scenario: Who’s sneaking down my chimney?

Scenario: I have a security situation that seems to reoccur every year, and I am at my wit’s end to find a way to prevent it. Every year without fail, in the last week of December someone has been breaking into home and leaving things behind- seemingly as a way of taunting me. After the first couple of years I began leaving little traps to see if the doors or windows had been opened, without any success. This leaves only one possibility- that the nefarious intruder has been somehow gaining access through my chimney via the fireplace in my living room. They have even taken to eating mince pies that I had left out for myself in the room. Is it possible to use CCTV or spy cameras to catch this intruder in the act?


Solution: Unfortunately, this really does seem to be a reoccuring problem this time of year, with similar reports happening across the country. As with all situations involving suspected theft, we usually recommend a visible CCTV system being installed, as this acts as a deterrent rather than letting the crime initially happen. However, with long running situations like this hidden recording devices are often preferable, as it gives you a greater chance of catching the cheeky so-and-so red handed. With this in mind here are a few options for concealed cameras for covert recording…

Mini 720p HD Battery Powered Video Recorder

Mini 720 HD Spy Video Recorder w/ Sound and Motion Detection, Micro SDOne of our most popular covert recording devices, this small camera is powered entirely from a built in battery, letting you conceal it on a shelf or in a the branches of a Christmas tree, with only the small pinhole lens exposed to record from. It features a host of triggering modes including motion detection and vibration detection, meaning it’s sure to capture the moment when your target comes tumbling out of the fireplace.

1080p Full HD Pinhole IP Spy Camera

If you think a small battery powered device doesn’t provide enough in depth recording, we now have a fully fledged IP spy camera, combining the class leading video resolution of a digital IP camera, with the small form factor of a pinhole spy camera. Simply connect the camera to your router, and you can check on a live stream from the camera remotely over the internet. This means you can watch the camera from the safety of your bedroom in case the break in happens downstairs!

HD Hunting Trail Camera with PIR Triggering

1080 HD Hunting Trail Camera with Invisible IR and PIR Motion Detect

A slightly different approac would be to rig up a hunting camera on your roof. These devices simply work from AA batteries, and can be set to wait on standby until the built in PIR sensors detect movement, at which point they start recording night vision video to the onboard SD card slot. One of these by your chimney stack is sure to capture video of the culprit!


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