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Spy Equipment – Not just for the Movies

If you’ve seen James Bond or Mission Impossible you would have seen amazing spy gadgets and equipment, but these products aren’t just limited to the movies anymore. There are many reasons why people invest in spy equipment, although these don’t tend to be as glamorous or adventurous as those needed by 007 in the James Bond movies. But the spy equipment available in the real world is just as impressive as the gadgets from the movies.


Spy equipment and spying has always fired the imagination of film makers; using spy equipment to eavesdrop, taking on fake identities, deceit, danger and tension all make for good plots. Ian Fleming, who created James Bond, worked in naval intelligence during World War II and was inspired by the spy equipment he came across in the real world. For example, the poison needle pen in Moonraker was similar to a fountain pen detonator supplied to the British during the Second World War.


Without going into depth about what spy equipment can be used for (use your imagination), the diverse range of spy equipment available for general public use is staggering. Everyday objects that you would expect to come across can vary from house spy cameras; from alarm clocks that wake you up in the morning, the pen you use at work, the smoke detector in your hallway to the watch you wear all day. If you’re worried about spy equipment being used on you, sweepers can spot bugs and scanning devices. Modern technology means that the most sophisticated covert communication devices and spy equipment is now available.


The popularity of buying spy equipment is in a large part down to the availability of such products online, where people can buy what they want without feeling they have to explain the reasons behind their purchases. It’s like a toy shop for wannabe James Bonds!

Different Spy Cameras

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