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SpyCam Scenario- Searching for a cheap HD CCTV Kit


For the last few months I’ve been having increasing tensions with some of my neighbours stemming from a dispute over my beautiful row of Leylandii trees. Unfortunately in the last few weeks things seem to be getting increasingly ugly, with several acts of vandalism to the trees, and last night to the side of my car, which was parked in my driveway at the time. The most frustrating part was that I actually had the car covered by CCTV at the time, as I had a wireless system installed a couple of years back. Unfortunately when I passed it on to the police they advised that the image wasn’t clear enough for a conviction. Because of this I think it’s finally time for me to commit to an HD system. Some of the ones available from Hikvision look really impressive, but unfortunately the budget just doesn’t stretch that far. So my question is this- can you recommend a reliable but cheap HD CCTV kit?

scratched car bonnet
Car vandalism is one of the most common reasons for buying CCTV. image via


Once thought to be the reserve of high end commercial systems, HD cameras are now allowing home users to monitor their property and possessions in more detail than ever before. Even with the most basic HD cameras, any subject’s faces will have far more detail than with the most expensive analogue cameras- essential if you need a positive identification from your video footage. Additionally, it gives you a much higher chance of capturing important details such as car licence plates, which can traditionally be difficult for cameras to pick up. If you need to look at a smaller area of the image, then the increased resolution also helps you crop in whilst still keeping usable detail. Of course, all of that extra quality traditionally doesn’t come cheap, with kits from top-of-the-line manufacturers like Hikvision often starting north of £600. All well and good, but where does that leave customers looking for a cheap HD CCTV kit?

Another Option?

Luckily, there are some options out there. For example, our brand new one box Home CCTV kit is specifically put together to allow home users to install a fully fledged HD security system for a much lower cost. The kit uses the AHD video standard, allowing it to record video at a very similar quality to other HD systems such as Hikvision’s turbo range, using standard BNC video cables. Crucially, the has been designed so that everything you need- every connector, every cable- is contained in one handy carry case. All of this is included:

4 camera one box home security kit
Our AHD 4 camera kit includes every single component you need
  • 4 compact bullet cameras. Each camera records in 720p HD resolution, is weather sealed and allows up to 20m night vision illumination. Despite all of this, they are really compact, and a perfect size for discreet installations around your property
  • Set of fixings and screws. A complete set, allowing you to get them installed right out of the box
  • 4 18m cables. Each BNC video and power connector is actually labelled, so you don’t have to figure out where the cable is supposed to plug in!
  • 4 way power supply. This uses one plug, but has a 4 way splitter to send power down each of the 4 camera cables
  • Allen Key. Useful for adjusting the camera brackets
  • HD DVR with hard drive. The kit is built around a 4 channel CCTV recorder, pre-installed with a 1TB hard drive. The recorder boasts all of the features that you would expect from a security DVR, including motion detection, scheduling and remote access via PC or smartphone

This isn’t a collection of components- this is an entire kit in one carry case, making a perfect starter pack for anyone who needs the quality and value of a cheap HD CCTV system.

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