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SpyCameraCCTV’s Spooky Sponsorship for Halloween

Halloween is lurking around the corner and to celebrate this year we’re sponsoring Paranormal Investigators GraysEncounters.  Gray and his team have been investigating the paranormal for many years and do so on a voluntary basis. Each member of the team has a keen interest in learning more about what happens to us after we die and uncovering the truth behind paranormal events.

GraysEncounters Paranormal Investigation Dudley Castle
The GraysEncounters Team at Dudley Castle

  The team describe a paranormal event as something we can’t explain, whether it’s a random cold spot in a room with no apparent source or it’s a ghostly shadow of a human form manifesting itself. We discovered GraysEncounters when they were buying cameras from us for their investigations. Since Halloween is on its way we decided to get into the spooky spirit of it all and find out more about Paranormal Investigating or Ghost Hunting. Keep an eye out for photos of the team in their brand new t-shirts with our logo on them! We’re pretty excited to see them…..

Paranormal Investigation Equipment
Equipment used by the GraysEncounters Team

Infrared cameras are commonly used in paranormal investigations as they can view a spectrum of light that our eyes cannot. Infrared is electromagnetic radiation which exists on a longer wavelength than the light we see with our eyes. It is believed that infrared has the ability to pick up paranormal forms which may be identified as ghosts. Paranormal investigators like GraysEncounters are well practiced in recognising anomalies recorded on a infrared camera which may seem paranormal but are often easily explained. However some things caught on camera are not so easy to identify! Orb Caught on Camera Orbs are some of the more common paranormal sightings and are the focus for debate as to whether they really are the manifestation of a spirit or a soul. Many argue that orbs are simply backscatter or near camera reflection bouncing off dust in the air. What do you think? Do you have  paranormal experience you would like to share? Or would you argue that it’s all a load of rubbish? We’re on the fence and would love to hear what you have to say on this controversial topic!

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