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Stay secure with our covert HD IP camera

Situations that require covert security solutions are by their very nature some of the most difficult- and delicate- to resolve. Over the years we have been contacted by customers with problems as diverse as thefts from the workplace, vandalised vehicles, and even reports of loved ones being abused in care homes. With problems like these it’s vital to have a reliable solution that can dependably provide clear images to pass on to police. Unfortunately, it is often almost inevitable that you will have to make compromises along the line somewhere in order to keep the kit small enough to hide. Luckily, our new covert HD IP camera helps solve this problem by packing in a raft of security features into a tiny kit that is easy to conceal.

No Compromises

Up until now, there has been quite a few methods for covert surveillance, but most of them had awkward compromises that you had to work around

  • Camouflage gadgets such as spy pens and glasses are simple to use and can be carried on your person, but have an inherent risk of being spotted. Also, their limited recording functions make them impractical in situations where accurate motion detection or scheduling is required
  • Battery powered video recorders often have more advanced recording options- usually programmed beforehand on a PC- and can also be left on standby in a location away from a power supply, however most models have no options for monitoring live footage, and their chunky shape can make them awkward to  hide in really small gaps
  • Large systems with fully fledged DVRs offer the highest level of flexibility and quality when setting up recording- and can work well if you already have a CCTV system in the building. However they require a comparatively large amount of cabling to get them up and running, which is just not suitable for many scenarios
2 camera tvi hd 1080p covert security system
Our complete security systems provide unparalleled control, but are not ideal for every situation

This new kit has been designed from the ground up to be ideal for these situations, and provide an in depth recording capability housed inside an easy-to-conceal package.

Keep it Covert

The kit is built around two devices- a tiny covert IP camera and a mini recorder- connected together with a network cable. Because the camera does not need an internal recorder, this means it can be absolutely miniscule in size, so you can easily install it somewhere completely out of view. The pinhole lens is designed to record through gaps as narrow as 2mm, so nothing but a tiny glimpse of the lens will be visible upon a detailed close-up inspection. This also means the camera can be installed in positions much closer to the subject, helping provide the best possible picture. Importantly, the IP camera technology allows the device to record digital video in 720p HD, so you can be sure the images will be full of usable detail.

covert ip camera and recorder with accessories

There is 8m of network cable- the same type commonly installed throughout offices- included in the kit to run from the camera to the mini recorder. This makes it easy to conceal the recorder in a safe place further away from the subject. To keep the size as small as possible, the DVR records to MicroSD cards. Don’t let that fool you, though- it is still loaded with a surprisingly in depth set of configurable settings. Not only are there motion detection and scheduled record options, but it also features alarm connections, let you seamlessly integrate it into a larger security system. The recorder also features a built-in Wifi transmitter, letting you configure it for remote access via mobile or PC. This provides you with an incredibly quick way to check in on the camera, letting you keep an eye on your property when you are away.

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