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Stream Your Webcam to your Smartphone with the JumiCam App

If you are out and about and are wanting to view your surveillance camera on your phone this is the app that you need! The JUMI App streams your web cam to your iphone, ipod and iPad and is very user friendly.
You can also connect to an unlimited amount of cameras, so if you wanted to check both your front door and your baby, then you can switch between the cameras as well as listen to what’s happening if your camera has audio.

It runs over Wi-Fi, 3G, and Edge, with high resolution and blasting feed this is one of the best apps to monitor your home or office. You can also screen shot and share a photo on facebook or twitter.

It is also phone bill friendly with condensed data for cheap 3G/Edge costs and is password protected.

If you need any help understanding or using the JUMI App with your surveillance equipment then do give us a call and one of our technical team will be around to give you a hand.

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