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Summer Holiday Security – The Travel Adaptor Camera

Scenario: I’m going on holiday and would like to feel safe in knowing my possessions, such as my laptop and jewellery will be safe in my hotel room. Is there anything that I can place in the room to monitor any behaviour and make sure nothing is stolen?




We have a fantastic new product that is designed to function as a travel adaptor but is also a hidden camera! It works both in the US and Europe which means no extra weight in your luggage! All you have to do is plug it in to the socket in your hotel room and it will start recording – no need for batteries as it draws power directly from the socket.

Travel Power Adaptor with Hidden Camera for Hotel Room Monitoring

The camera records when motion is detected as well as recording with audio – perfect for your hotel room monitoring! It is also slightly angled upwards so you don’t just get a view of people’s feet! You need to insert a micro SD card for it to record footage and to watch it you simply just insert the card into your laptop or tablet and voilà!

This camera is also great for your office, or for your house when you are away, or even to keep an eye on the babysitter!

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