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So you received your security cameras, you have mounted the camera either indoor or outdoor and you go to get the power supply and you realise that the power adapter cord that came with the camera is too short to where you want to run the adapter too! This is a big problem, but can easily be fixed with a different length CCTV cable, available in lengths between 5 metres and 50 metres. Fortunately there are various accessories that can maximise the use of your security or spy camera(s) ranging from cables, camera lenses, video capture devices, connectors and adapters:

CCTV Cables

As well as different length CCTV cables there are also audio/video cables that can be used for connecting security cameras directly to TVs, DVD recorders and other recording devices. There are typically 2 major types of CCTV cables. Type one carries power using a standard 2-pole electronics power plug, and video through a composite BNC connector. The other type of CCTV cable carries power to the CCTV camera through a standard power plug, video through a composite RCA and audio through another separate RCA connector.

Camera Lenses

Naturally spy equipment can achieve its purpose if it is camouflaged and remains undetected. If you are looking to disguise one of your spy cameras, or wireless spy cam for covert applications, replacement lenses will camouflage the lens of your spy cameras as inconspicuous objects. Wide angle camera lenses that will fit CMOS and SHARP chip spy cameras can give you a field of view of 130 degree – perfect for installation into an area where a good vantage point is possible.

Video Capture Devices

Video capture devices are fantastic little things that you connect to your computer, usually through a USB 2.0 port, which is a common connector found on most PCs that are less than 7 years old. They convert the analogue feed from your wireless cameras (or wireless receivers) into a digital format which can then be played (or recorded) on your computer.

Connectors & Adapters

There are 2 different types of cable connectors. One of them is a female to female RCA coupler which is used for connecting 2 male ended RCA cables together. They are very useful if you want to extend the cable range of a dome security camera but don’t want to purchase a completely new cable. We also sell BNC to female RCA connectors. Typically DVR recorders use BNC connecters for both video input and output, so a BNC to female RCA connecter must be used to allow for connection to a standard TV for example.

There are plenty of options if you need to change or alter something for your security setup. Don’t always settle for what you have, as sometimes the simplest accessory can dramatically improve picture or sound quality.

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