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Tips for finding unusual hiding places for your valuables

  • 212567_7457When considering home security arrangements, one of the trickiest decisions is always just where to stash away those valuables. After all, relatively few home owners these days can afford the luxury of a fully-fledged, bolted down security safe! So just what are the best hiding places for your Jewellery, cash and important documents? Unfortunately, many hiding spots that would initially seem perfect are common knowledge amongst seasoned burglars, and would likely be the first place to attract attention once they’ve got in the place. In particular shoe boxes, sock drawers or spaces under mattresses should be avoided. Recent studies have shown that intruders will only spend an average of 8 minutes in a property, so these locations are sure to be amongst the first to garner attention! So what are some of the better tips out there?photo
  • Pop it in the fridge– Burglars will go straight to where they expect to find the valuables, so will very rarely decide to go rifling through jars in the back of your fridge. Think creatively about containers and locations, aluminium foil and takeaway containers make particularly unassuming hiding spots! There are even a wide range of ‘decoy safes’ available, designed to look like beer cans or water bottles, but boasting secret compartments. Many are even weighted to perfectly replicate the real thing.
  • Keep it in the kid’s room– Very rarely will robbers go near a kid’s bedroom, so many experts suggest this is a fantastic place to stash away smaller valuables. When rushing through a house, the last thing they would plan on doing is sorting through a cluttered box of toys! Of course, it goes without saying that you need to be careful you don’t leave expensive or small items in a location where they can be accidentally played with, either! On top of a cupboard or even inside an out-of-favour cuddly toy would be best!
  • Location is key– So you’ve invested in a fake beercan, or made a false pocket in a Teddy bear? Great work, now don’t leave them suspiciously in your night table drawer!
  • Make a fake stash-A method commonly used in camping and backpacking, this one. As all robbers will be in a hurry, one of the best tactics is to trick them into thinking they’ve found what they’re looking for! For example, leave a container with a modest amount of cash or cheap jewellery partly hidden in your sock drawer. The crim is sure to find it and think he’s found what he’s looking for, then scamper. The trick is to put just enough stuff in there to make it seem worth stealing, whilst your valuables are tucked away elsewhere!
  • Hide it somewhere they’ll want to avoid!– An old trick this one, whilst away from home keep your valuables somewhere where the robber would rather not venture. This used to mean amongst the dirty laundry, but many experts suggest they’re wise to this one these days. A better choice would be amongst a baby’s changing kit, or rolled up in a tampon packet!

Of course, no hiding place is guaranteed to be 100 percent safe, so it’s always worth investing in a modern CCTV Security System. This will make sure that, should the worst happen, you will have the best possible evidence to give to the authorities.


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