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‘Tis the season to be wary

Whilst many of us are filled with joy, trying to contain excited children and looking forward to the festive period, there are also certain individuals out there who are also filled with joy – but for the wrong reasons. We currently live in dark times where day becomes night in the afternoon and the current economic situation makes people desperate. Tie in Christmas with the prospect of high-valued goods in the majority of households and you can see the importance that protecting your home becomes.

For many of us we welcome the sight of our home after a busy day around 5.30pm. In December the days are the shortest in the year, meaning that it has been dark since around 4pm. Consider the prospect that your home has been unoccupied for 90 minutes, its pitch black outside and there is a good chance all surrounding houses are also unoccupied during these times – sounds like burglary heaven! In general there are some very good tips to put off a burglar straight away:

– Use timed switches on lamps to create the feeling someone is home

– Install security lighting that reacts to movement

– Use gravel and pebble driveways

– Fit a working or dummy alarm box

In recent weeks we have experienced a lot of customers contacting us looking to protect their house from ANOTHER burglary. CCTV Systems can be designed around the property required, whilst we do have pre-made packs consisting of 2, 4, 6 and 8 cameras alongside a digital recording device, certain properties can benefit from a bespoke system. SpyCameraCCTV can recommend a 4 camera system with infrared cameras and a 500GB recording device, just click on the picture to be taken through to the product description:

4 Wireless Infrared Home Security CCTV Cameras Motion Detect 500GB DVR

Many businesses suffered when the economy went into a recession, but the CCTV industry grew from burglaries and theft as individuals and groups went to desperate measures to earn a ‘quick buck’. Make sure you and your family are protected this Christmas.

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