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Top Spy Gadgets for Budding 007s

Kids and big kids alike who see themselves as the next James Bond or Austin Powers (yeah baby!) will need a few things to get themselves started. You’re no spy without a few essentials up your sleeve, in your pocket or hidden in your glasses. Check these out…

Spy Specs – Record What You See

It’s going to be a few years before the high-tech Google Glass becomes an every day gadget, so those of you wanting to covertly record troublesome neighbours getting up in your face or colleagues giving you grief will need an option that’s available now. There are lots of types of spy glasses and sunglasses available to suit different budgets. From a £5 pair on Amazon to pricier but high quality spy glasses available direct from specialist sellers.

Hidden Camera Wrist Watch

Another clever way to secretly record footage is to use a wrist watch with a hidden camera. The camera lens is usually nestled in the watch dial so no one will notice. The great thing about using a watch is that you have more control over what you film by moving your wrist around in a casual way so that onlookers won’t be alerted to your secret recording activities.

For The Lazy Spy – GPS Tracker

Why spend your time driving around (in your Aston Martin no doubt) following that crook to locate their hidden lair? Slap a GPS tracker to the underside of their car and kick back in your comfy chair, crack a beer and discover their hideout from the comfort of your own home. One refreshing nap later and you’re good to go check it out.

Get Yourself Some Bionic Ears

No surgery involved! Hearing amplifiers involve a small earpiece attached to a microphone which can allow you to direct your hearing to a specific area in front of the mic and hear it much clearer than your own ears could. Perfect for eavesdropping on secret plots and schemes being hatched in the workplace or simply to keep an eye on what your kids are up to. Every parent knows that when it goes quiet something is up. This will save you shouting “What have you done now?!”

Don’t Be Left Out In The Dark – Night Vision Binoculars  

Like all spy gadgets, you get what you paid for when it comes to quality. From budgets as small as £10 to the serious spy looking to spend hundreds of pounds. Night vision binoculars mean that just because the lights go out you don’t have to stop your work. Keep a pair strapped to your face when it’s dark to make sure you don’t trip over any boobie-traps or (ahem) children’s toys left lying on the floor. Move as swift and quiet as an owl in the night with full vision. So that’s a few things to tickle your fancy and get you started on the road to becoming the next James Bond (we never liked Daniel Craig anyway). Let us know your favourite spying techniques!

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