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TrendNet Security Threat & Talking Cameras – CCTV News

News that everyone is talking about this week are these two major stories:

Trendnet’s Security Threat

CCTV Split screenThe first, a rather shocking bit of evidence exposing a breach of security within Trendnet’s home CCTV cameras. The blog Console Cowboys first published this information in January, giving instructions on how to access thousands of streaming personal IP cameras. This is obviously a huge breach of privacy and has affected normal people during their everyday home lives.


It seems that even though the problem has been broadcast live since the 10th Jan the Trendnet Company failed to announce this major issue in any form of media release until the 7th of Feb – in which information was added to their company website.

If you have any of their software and are concerned it may involve your systems then click here to find a list of affected cameras.

This of course highlights all the issues many of us have concerning CCTV and the amount of surveillance that is recording our everyday movements. Can someone see you through your window? Should you always have your curtains drawn? Does someone know what time you leave for work and what train you catch every morning? – Well in this case can someone watch you getting undressed from their own bedroom on their own computer?

We should never be put in such a vulnerable position again, we all have a right to our own privacy – perhaps this country has become overrun by surveillance? But without it how would we fight crime?

This brings us onto our next news of the week.

Speaking CCTV Cameras

Some of us will be aware of these being installed in cities around the country, but the one in the news this week has created so much hype that suddenly everyone is aware of them.

The camera in question was installed by Camden Council in the Walker House estate near London’s St Pancras. The camera was heard giving orders to residents and visitors alike: “Stop, this is a restricted area and your photograph is being taken. It will be sent for processing if you don’t leave the area now.”

After a resident filmed the situation and broadcast it on youtube there has been a lot of attention and mentions of us living in a police state. The video received over 50,000 youtube hits, so quite a lot of us obviously have something to say about it.

Camden Council were forced to deactivate the speaking camera and apologised for disturbing the residents.

A police state you say? Well, around two million CCTV cameras are believed to be installed across the country and ones similar to the one mentioned with voice functions were first introduced in 2007 in Middlesbrough. So, we ask this – are we all paranoid and feel safe with CCTV surveillance or is it just a clever plan to monitor us and turn us into humanoids?

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