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Tuesday Tips: Find Camera with MicroSD Card Slot

Out Tuesday Tip this week – How to source a camera that lasts, so that you don’t have to keep recharging it!

Well, if you have creaky doors in your house and want to secure it with a camera that will keep more of it’s battery life then the DV90 is the camera for you!

Sound Activated Mini DVR Spy Pinhole Camera Recorder DVR Micro SD Slot

Most cameras stay on when not recording, such as those with motion detection, and therefore still use up battery power. So a camera that has to stay on will use up battery power within 8-24 hours max, and then you would have to recharge it.

The DV90 however can record using audio detection and when there is no noise it simply goes to sleep – therefore preserving it’s battery life. The vibration from the noise wakes the camera up and triggers the recording for 2 minutes – if you have it on this setting it can last up to 7 days without having to be charged!

Hope that helps!

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