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Unusual guard animals for your home

As well as using a good quality CCTV system, it’s well established that owning a Dog is one of the best ways to keep your home safe from intruders. Burglars like nothing more than to get in and out silently, so even the thought of a Dog barking its head off is grounds for writing off a house as a potential target. Even just displaying a ‘beware of the dog’ sign has been shown to have an effect! However, despite the tried and tested loyalty of man’s best friend, many homeowners have sought out more unusual guard animals to keep their property secure!


South African businessman Michael Jamison for example, was forced to look for extreme measures after being targeted on two occasions by armed robbers. The solution? A 300+lb Bengal Tiger they have dubbed Enzo! Despite appearances, he claims the feline is actually a friendly house cat at heart, even sleeping at the foot of the bed with Jamison and his girlfriend.  Even so, he devours over 4kg of meat away- spare a thought for the hapless dogs he shares a feeding bowl with! After worldwide news interest in their new watch-cat, there has been little in the way of follow up regarding how well he’s keeping the house secure. I would hope that means the crims will have got the message!


Of course, sometimes it’s the bad guys who are looking to keep their patch secure. Such was the case in 2011, when Police Officers in Chicago got a nasty surprise when they raided a home at the centre of a Marijuana growing operation. The owner of the house had decided to keep his plants secure by keeping a 5 foot long Alligator. Despite the best efforts of this ferocious beast, the police were still able to apprehend the suspect, and $200 fine for violating animal control laws was added to his long list of drug offences.

For those still looking for an alternative to a dog- but without the danger of imminent bodily harm- why not try investing in Guard Geese? Whilst the prospect of the honking waterfowl chasing away burglars may seem a tad comical, Geese are in fact fiercely territorial, and will aggressively confront any intruders. This means anyone trying to break into your property will immediately make themselves known! Experts suggest keeping a flock of a handful of female birds with one male for best results. Be warned though- Geese will have a go at anyone, so make sure you have a secure fence to stop them terrorizing your neighbours! If you’re still not convinced, then bear witness to this harrowing video of a Security Guard at the mercy of particularly disgruntled Goose, caught by a security camera

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