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Using CCTV to protect your car from vandals

As one of the most expensive single items that many of us will own, cars and vehicles are unfortunately a prime target for malicious vandals. In fact, it is such a common issue that vehicle vandalism is probably the single most common specific home security issue that we help customers with. Whether it’s senseless damage by local youths, or malicious attacks from feuding neighbours, it is always an incredibly costly and stressful problem to deal with. Unfortunately, whilst it’s one of the most frequent questions, the fact that many people have to park their cars on the street away from the building also makes it a frustratingly difficult one to solve. Essentially, there are two ways to go about solving the issue.

Interior Cameras

Hiding a small camera inside the car is many people’s preferred way to catch out vandals, as it involves a lot less set up than installing a fixed security system on your home. It is also easy to make smaller cameras discreet when in your car, helping catch the crims in the act without them knowing it. The easiest set up is to use a battery powered video recorder, like our 720 HD Z15. This compact device records straight to an internal MicroSD card, meaning you don’t need to connect it to any external devices, just set it to the desired recording mode and leave it on your dashboard or parcel shelf. For recording over longer periods of time, our low light car security kit can also be used, drawing power directly from your vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket. There is one major drawback to both of these methods however. Using a camera inside the vehicle prevents you using any kind of night vision, as the infra-red would simply reflect back on the window and result in an unusable image. Because of this, these devices are best used in situations where there is some ambient light around the car, such as outdoor lighting or a street light.

Exterior Cameras

Whilst they undoubtedly more involved to install, the only sure way of getting complete camera coverage all around your car is to set up a security camera looking over it from the outside. For monitoring one location, you can wire up a simple one camera outdoor CCTV system, using a high grade Gamut Security camera. As the camera does not have to record through glass this lets you use a fully-fledged night vision camera, with powerful IR LEDs in order to get a clear image of intruders in total darkness. The camera prominently installed on your home also has the additional benefit of acting as a preventative measure, deterring criminals from committing any crime in the first place. Wired camera installations can seem more daunting, but they’re really no more complex than setting up a HiFi, and most users can easily get them set up without requiring an electrician. Don’t forget, you can always get in touch with our team of tech support advisers if you have any questions!

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