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Using Hidden Spy Cameras for Antarctic Penguin Research

This week we hear of another story in which researchers are using cameras and spy gadgets to monitor animals and their natural habitats.

Scientists from the Zoological Society of London and Oxford University have placed 16 cameras around Antarctica to research into the lives of Gentoo and King penguins during the harsh winter months.

The British team is the first to attempt this research on a low budget using these cheap, spy cameras, this way of researching could lead the way for more cost-effective studies in the future.

The penguin ecologist from the Zoological Society of London who led the study, Dr Tom Hart, explained that these spy cameras were incredibly resilient despite the harsh conditions.
The population of the planet’s penguins is decreasing and so the need for more research is increasing. Being able to monitor the penguin populations helps researchers learn about their habitats including their arrival time, their breeding habits and the fledging of young chicks.

These hidden cameras were placed in a different spots overlooking the colonies in Antarctica, and capturing a number of images a day showing the movements of the penguins.

Most of the 16 cameras successfully captured images of the colony, however one was unfortunately covered in a snowdrift for five months, as you may notice from the video embedded below. Nonetheless, it continued to take photos and once spring came the snow melted and thus the camera carried on taking photos.

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