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Want to upgrade your old VHS surveillance kit?

Do you have an out of date VHS recorder? Is your CCTV image in black and white and of a low resolution?

Then it might be time to upgrade your system! It is pretty easy to do and you don’t even have to change the whole set-up.

If you are happy with your cameras for the time being but want to upgrade the quality of your image then you can always just replace your VHS recorder with one of our 4 channel recorders.4 Channel 100FPS H.264 CCTV DVR 500GB D1 Motion Detection Recorder LAN

This would give you more control over the set-up of your cameras, allowing you to set it so that it only starts recording when motion is detected. With a 4 channel DVR you will be able to view all of your cameras at same time – no switching screens necessary! This means it has 4 separate recording channels so that the quality of each camera is not jeopardised. In order to keep your footage instead of saving it to a VHS tape you can simply export it to a USB stick and onto your computer or other external hard drive.

Digital Video Recorders are replacing the usual time-lapse VCR because of the improved recording capability of the digital unit. The unit listed has an neat function that provides ‘continuous recording’. When the units memory is exhausted it will start to record again from the start. Therefore once its set up, the unit is 100% stand alone requiring no further interaction unless you need to download some footage.

Even better the DVRs fall under our 20.12% sale that runs until Sunday 5/8/2012 saving you £49.09!

4x Mini CCD Night Vision Security Cameras CCTV Pack with 500GB DVR

If however you have old black and white cameras and would like a colour image from now on then you can simply upgrade your whole system with one of our CCTV systems.

Everything that you would need comes with this 4 cam package – protect your home, work, shop  or just keep an eye on your surroundings with our high quality surveillance equipment.

Pick the right package to suit your needs, from wireless or wired, small outdoor cameras or night vision cameras, or both!

Remember CCTV equipment has advanced greatly since 5 years ago – it can be  just like watching a film on TV – That good quality!

If you need any help in finding the right system for you our specialist advisor’s are available to help should you need to tailor make any of these packages to suit your individual requirements.

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