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WiFi Hidden 720p HD IP Cameras with MicroSD Slot

There are some workplace environments where discreet security monitoring can be incredibly difficult. In offices especially, workers can easily spot larger cameras once installed, and once people know about the location of the camera it’s easy for them to adjust their behaviour so that they can avoid it- all of a sudden it becomes much more difficult to catch someone stealing those supplies from the stationary cupboard. Even tiny pinhole cameras can often have their own limitations, as they usually have incredibly limited recording settings, confined to basic motion detection modes. So is there a way to approach the in depth recording settings of fully fledged CCTV in a discreet, self contained camera? Well let me introduce you to our WiFi Hidden IP Cameras.

720 HD WiFi IP Spy Camera Hidden in PIR Sensor w/ IR, Motion Detect
We supply WiFi IP cameras hidden inside unassuming devices such as PIR detectors

These two standalone devices come camouflaged in 2 different types of housing, both perfectly suited to blend into an office, warehouse or retail environment without arousing any suspicion. One is encased in a commercial style smoke detector, designed to be mounted on a ceiling, the other inside a small PIR detector, as is often used for automated motion detection lighting & alarm systems. At this point I should mention out that both of these casings are non-functional, so try and actually connect it up to your lighting! Each camera has a discreet pinhole lens pointing out from the side of it’s casing, hidden from all but the most inquisitive eyes.

720 HD Covert MicroSD Wireless IP Spy Camera Hidden in Smoke Detector
This smoke detector hides an HD IP camera

Importantly, these devices each have an internal MicroSD card slot, allowing them to record footage directly without the need for any external devices. As IP cameras, they record digital video and transfer it down a data cable. As they connect to your network, you can remotely log in to the cameras and change settings, control recording and view live footage alll from any PC connected to the internet. To initially configure them, they must be wired into your network with a cable, but once this has been completed, they can work wirelessly over WiFi. This means that all they need to be connected to in order to work is a power supply- no suspicious trailing cables to a DVR or router! This means they allow you to log in from your home PC and check in on the office all using one single wireless gadget. The cameras even support live monitoring from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, so you cna be sure to know what’s happening on your property even when you’re on the go.

The inner workings of a smoke detector camera
The devices are designed to allow installation without any suspicious trailing cables

As with all true IP cameras, they are based around an entirely digital imaging system. This means no video quality is lost in a conversion process, and allows them to record levels of detail simply not possible with traditional analogue CCTV. These cameras for example record in 1280×720 HD, helping ensure your security footage is full of usable detail, should the worst happen and it will be needed.

As with all business CCTV, covert recording is governed by the data protection act. Always make sure your security system is not in breach of this. For example, whilst you do not need to specifically warn staff members about the cameras, you do need a notice that CCTV is operational in the building generally, and cameras cannot be located in areas where staff have a reasonable expectation of privacy.

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