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 discreet packaging on all orders


Your privacy when ordering our products is very important to us which is why ALL of our deliveries will arrive in discreet packaging with no mention of 'SpyCameraCCTV' anywhere on the packaging or the label. You don't have to worry about nosy neighbours or colleagues knowing what you've been ordering. This is especially important if you're going to be using our cameras covertly. 


What Will Be Written On It? 

Instead of the label reading 'SpyCameraCCTV' it has our trading name 'Open 24 Seven Ltd.' so no one will know who you ordered from. Friends, neighbours and colleagues will not be able to tell what you've bought by looking at the packaging or the label. This label will have your name, address, contact details and our return address which is named 'Open 24 Seven Ltd.'

DPD Label


What Will The Package Look Like?

Depending on the size and contents of your order there are several different kinds of packaging we use - all of them completely inconspicuous as to what is inside. Whether it's a plain box or a plastic bag with our courier's name 'DPD' on it; no one will know that you're buying a covert spy camera to keep an eye on the Nanny or to watch over your desk to catch colleagues helping themselves to your goodies. If you're buying an expensive CCTV system and it gets delivered to an unfamiliar neighbour, they won't know the value of your order and won't be tempted to keep it for themselves. 


Examples of Our Packaging

Plain Box - nothing but the packing label and the tape sealing up your package will be visible. 

Sample Package with DPD


Jiffy Bag - this is a sealed, padded bag which is often used for larger items.

Packaging Bag with DPD


DPD Courier Bag - most of our packages are in a plastic bag supplied by one of our couriers, DPD. This bag only has DPD branded information on it and our own label as demonstrated above. These bags come in a variety of sizes from small to large so we can fit most of our products within them. They are waterproof to protect your order from the Great British weather!

Packaging Bag with DPD

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