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100m Reel Pro Copper RG59 Coax shotgun CCTV Cable w BNC Video DC Power

Product Code: 100RG59DCPRO
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When you've invested in the highest standard of CCTV equipment- such as our Sony EFFIO range cameras- it's vital that you don't compromise the quality of your image by using sub-standard wire or connectors. This 100m reel of professional RG59 cable uses braided copper shielding in order to greatly reduce impedance, and therefore signal degradation over longer distances. The uncut reel means you have much more flexibility when planning the camera's layout, as you can simply cut the cable to a custom length.

In order to use the Co-Axial RG59 Cable with our CCTV Cameras you will need a pair of Twist-Fit BNC Connectors (one for each end of the cut cable).

Click this link for Co-Axial Twist On Connectors.

Note we also sell these connectors in packs of 10, which can be found here:

Click this link for 10 Pack of Co-Axial Twist On Connectors.

The 2 Stranded Wires that are combined with the Co Axial RG59 Cable can be used for carrying a low voltage. This means that you can also power your CCTV Camera from your DVR's end and not have to worry about having a power source near to the CCTV Camera's location.

In order to use the 2 Stranded Wires to power one of our CCTV Cameras you will need a pair of DC Jack Connectors (one for each end of the cut cable).

Click this link for Male DC Jack Connectors.

Click this link for Female DC Jack Connectors.

What's in the box?
  • 100 Metre Reel of Co-Axial RG59 Combo Cable

RG59 Cable with DC Power
This professional quality reel is ideal for CCTV installers, as it features low impedance co-axial cable alongside DC power wires

Braided Copper Shielding
The inner wire of RG59 is surrounded by copper shielding, greatly reducing signal degradation over longer distances. Perfect for installations where image quality is vital

Weatherproof PVC Jacket
Both cables are encased in a durable outer jacket, letting them be used outdoors, or even run underground

Interval markings
Outer jacket of the cable is marked every meter, making it a breeze to quickly cut to length

100m reel
This large reel of cable is perfect for those big installation jobs

Wooden reel
Cable is wrapped around a heavy-duty wooden reel, helping it stand up to any on-site abuse!

Cable Length: 100 Metres
Cable Type: 1 x Co-Axial RG59 2 x Stranded Low-Voltage
Resistance: 75 Ohm