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SpyCameraCCTV and the Environment


We do our best to do our bit for the environment by recycling and considering the impact we have. Below are some of the initiatives and things we have in place or are working on to do our bit:


Recycled Boxes
Many of our products arrive in boxes at our warehouse from the factories and companies who manufacture them. These boxes used to get thrown away as our products are often re-boxed to redistribute to you. We thought this was wasteful so we are experimenting with recycling these old boxes. If you receive one of these boxes you can be safe in the knowledge that you're reducing landfill!


Carbon Neutral Delivery Company
We are in partnership with DPD for our deliveries, and as well as being rather fantastic at delivering parcels, they have a ‘Total Zero’ emissions program designed to offset the emissions generated whilst delivering your parcel. Their vans don’t run on chip fat, but they do plant trees and work with a partner to offset their emissions. Their text service also lets you know when they are going to call so hopefully, they will not have to attempt a redelivery.


WEEE (Recycling Electrical Goods)
We offer a take back scheme for any customers who wish to dispose of their old goods when buying new. You can find out more about the WEEE initiative here:


Cardboard, Paper, Plastic, Cans & Glass
Anything that can’t be reused is recycled and confidential paperwork destroyed by our recycling partner. Whilst we don’t encourage our staff to drink beers in the office, sometimes there are glass bottles, plastic and cans to get rid of. We also have separate bins for staff to use so we can dispose of plastics and tin from food and general consumables.


Transport – Bike to work
Where possible we encourage our staff use pedal-power rather than their car. The option for staff to purchase a bike through the bike to work scheme is always available and at our new premises (opening soon) we will provide showers and changing facilities. In Bristol this saves hours and hours of queuing because Bristol has the slowest moving traffic in the world – and that’s official! We also encourage staff who aren't keen on travelling to work on two wheels to car share to reduce their carbon footprint.

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