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Colour Quad Processor for 4 Camera CCTV Security or Spy Cam Systems

  • Quad view real time & high resolution viewing
  • Zoom function for each channel
  • Time date stamp for evidence
  • Remote Control for easy channel control
  • Perfect for home, shop or use in leisure centres
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  • £ 58.00 Inc. VAT
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CCTV Security Camera Inline Audio Microphone with Loop Through Power

  • High Gain 12V Audio Microphone with in-line power
  • Suitable for any CCTV camera set up that records audio
  • Integrates with your CCTV DVR or monitor
  • Great indoor use or outdoor if well sheltered
  • Phono connection works perfectly with our AV cables
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  • £ 7.50 Inc. VAT
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High sensitivity CCTV Microphone with Pre-Amp and In-Line Power

  • High sensitivity CCTV microphone with 12V in-line power
  • Built-in preamp helps boost audio recording
  • Great for using to record quieter subjects
  • Draws power from your CCTV camera's mains supply
  • Easily connects to a CCTV DVR using an RCA phono cable
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  • £ 12.99 Inc. VAT
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Bare Wire CCTV Microphone for IP Security Cameras

  • 12V microphone with inline power
  • Bare wire connectors allow easy wiring
  • Ideal for our IP security cameras
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  • £ 8.99 Inc. VAT

Hikvision CCTV Monitor - 19 Inch 720p HD LED with HDMI, VGA

  • 19" Colour screen from Hikvision, ideal for monitoring CCTV
  • 1366x768 Display resolution for 1 megapixel playback
  • Backlit LED provides bright and clear image quality
  • Simple plug-and-play setup with HDMI and VGA input
  • Compact size ideal for use in a small space like a back office
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4K CCTV Monitor - 28 Inch UHD LED with HDMI, VESA Mount

  • 28" UHD monitor for 4K CCTV systems
  • 3840x2160 display shows 8MP cameras at native resolution
  • Backlit LED provides high contrast and bright, lifelike colours
  • Dual HDMI inputs for plug-and-play setup
  • Compatible with our Hikvision professional recorders and decoders
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Hikvision IP Decoder - 1 Channel Output, for up to 4 8MP Cameras

  • Video decoder for Hikvision IP Cameras
  • Simple way to monitor up to 4x 8MP cameras live at high fps
  • One HDMI output, providing a 4 way split screen
  • Alternatively supports 2x 12MP, 6x 5MP or 16x 2MP cameras
  • Compatible with remote PTZ controllers
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CCTV Display & Audio

Whether you need to monitor live cameras from the back office of a retail environment, or just need a handy way of reviewing old footage, our range of standard def and HD CCTV Monitors are the perfect way to complete your security system.

All monitors use universal connections such as VGA or HDMI, meaning it's easy to get it all up and running- just plug them directly into the back of your DVR. Even if you don't have a DVR, you can also just plug a camera straight into some of them using a BNC adapter.

We stock a range of sizes and qualities, so no matter your system's specifications we have one to match. Our Full HD monitors are even suitable for viewing a 2MP IP camera system with plenty of crisp detail.

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