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A4 CCTV Warning sign with CCTV tracking code

  • A4 24 Hour CCTV Warning Sign
  • Includes tracking code for CCTV Database
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  • £ 5.99 Inc. VAT

CCTV Security Camera Inline Audio Microphone with Loop Through Power

  • High Gain 12V Audio Microphone with in-line power
  • Suitable for any CCTV camera set up that records audio
  • Integrates with your CCTV DVR or monitor
  • Great indoor use or outdoor if well sheltered
  • Phono connection works perfectly with our AV cables
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  • £ 7.50 Inc. VAT
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Inline Remote Up-the-Coax Controller for Analogue CCTV Cameras

  • Inline remote controller for analogue CCTV camera OSD menus
  • Allows you to adjust settings such as WDR adjustment and contrast
  • Provides a powerful way to fine tune the camera's image
  • Works in-line with standard BNC video cable
  • Works with all of our wired professional Sony Effio P cameras
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  • SAVE £ 0.90 £ 5.09 Inc. VAT
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50m IR Illuminator LED Security Floodlight for Night Vision CCTV

  • Infrared illuminator for use with night vision CCTV camera systems
  • Powerful LEDs illuminate subjects up to 50m away
  • Simple way to boost your camera's IR range, or light certain areas
  • Works with all IR sensitive CCTV cameras
  • Light sensor automatically turns illuminator on/off
  • Uses energy efficient LEDs
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  • £ 45.00 Inc. VAT
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100m IR Illuminator LED Security Floodlight for Night Vision CCTV

  • Standalone infra-red illuminator for use with CCTV cameras
  • Capable of illuminating subjects up to 100m distance away
  • Bank of IR LEDs covers a wide field of view
  • Easy way to extend range of IR CCTV or to light specific areas
  • Light sensor automatically turns illuminator on/off
  • Compatible with all CCTV cameras sensitive to IR light
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  • £ 70.00 Inc. VAT
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High sensitivity CCTV Microphone with Pre-Amp and In-Line Power

  • High sensitivity CCTV microphone with 12V in-line power
  • Built-in preamp helps boost audio recording
  • Great for using to record quieter subjects
  • Draws power from your CCTV camera's mains supply
  • Easily connects to a CCTV DVR using an RCA phono cable
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  • £ 12.99 Inc. VAT
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Pan Tilt Zoom Joystick Controller with CCTV Monitor for PTZ IP Cameras

  • PTZ joystick controller with built in LCD screen
  • Use for remote control of Pan-Tilt-Zoom PTZ IP cameras
  • Monitor camera feed directly on integrated screen
  • Uses ONVIF protocol for wide compatibility
  • Connects directly to router using network cable
  • HDMI provides easy video output for TV or monitor
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  • £ 229.00 Inc. VAT

5 Inch Mini LCD Bird Box Camera Monitor with Suction Mount

  • 5" Colour LCD screen, perfect for bird box cameras
  • Bright, full colour 800x480 TFT display
  • Includes suction and adhesive mounts
  • Displays video from one of two AV inputs
  • Compatible with any of our 700TVL bird box cameras
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  • £ 52.00 Inc. VAT

2.4GHz Wireless Receiver with Fixed Antenna

  • 2.4GHz wireless receiver for analogue wireless cameras
  • Connects to any one of 4 wireless channels
  • Manual channel selector switch
  • Works with our wireless bird box cameras and spy cameras
  • RCA connection plugs into the back of TV or monitor
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  • £ 29.99 Inc. VAT

RS485 PTZ Controller with Mini Joystick, PELCO D

  • PTZ Controller for remote control of pan tilt zoom cameras
  • Mini joystick allows intuitive fingertip control
  • Supports multiple camera protocols, including PELCO D and C
  • Can connect to up to 255 separate cameras
  • Compact size keeps weight down and allows quick setup
  • Allows preset positions and routes to automate camera
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  • £ 123.99 Inc. VAT

Bronze Support Subscription- Remote Setup for Online & Mobile Access

  • Initial payment of £30.00, and then £15.00 annual subscription
  • Subscription provides continued online remote access
  • Get a single IP camera configured and ready to view!
  • Set up mobile access, letting you view camera from anywhere
  • We configure all of your PC and router settings remotely
  • Includes ongoing support for your connection after setup
  • Just give us a call after purchasing to book in a time slot
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  • £ 30.00 Inc. VAT
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Hikvision Junction Box for Bullet Cameras - Small

  • IP64 rated weatherproof junction box
  • Protects cable connectors from weather and vandals
  • Perfect for cameras mounted on the outside of a building
  • Makes wiring camera so much easier!
  • See features for camera compatibility
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Hikvision Junction Box for Mini Dome Cameras

  • IP64 rated outdoor junction box
  • Protects camera connectors from vandals or the elements
  • Perfect for installing dome cameras on a building exterior
  • Makes it much easier to wire camera!
  • See features for camera compatibility
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Hikvision Junction Box for Turret Cameras

  • IP64 rated outdoor junction box for camera connectors
  • Provides protection from vandals and the elements
  • Perfect for installing turret cameras on an outside wall
  • Makes wiring the camera much simpler!
  • See features for camera compatibility
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Hikvision Junction Box for 30m Dome Cameras

  • IP64 junction box for Hikvision 30m dome cameras
  • Helps provide protection for camera connectors
  • Ideal for installing dome cameras on exterior walls
  • Helps make wiring a breeze!
  • See features for camera compatibility
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CCTV Accessories

Sometimes when setting up a CCTV security system for your home or business, there are components and items that you might want to add in for extra convenience or control. Because of this, we have collected all of our security and CCTV accessories together into this handy section, featuring a wide range of equipment.

Our CCTV monitors use standard HDMI and VGA connections, letting you plug them directly into the back of your recorder. This provides a simple way to both review footage and monitor live feeds from your cameras; essential in a business or retail environment.

Also included here are a range of camera accessories including lockable security boxes for hunting cameras and Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) controllers. When used with a compatible camera and recorder, these give you simple manual remote control over a camera's movements by using a handy joystick.

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