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Bronze Email Support

  • 100% FREE
  • Email support only
  • Weekday email response within 48 hours or 72 hours during peak times
  • Access to our online manuals, videos and guides
  • We can book you in for an engineer setup for £15 per item
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  • £ 0.00 Inc. VAT

Silver Support Package with Personalised DNS for remote viewing

  • £50 per year, just 96p a week!
  • Weekday email and telephone response within 24 hours
  • Priority support and guidance from a member of helpdesk
  • Includes personalised DNS address and setup for remote viewing
  • Booking with an engineer to set up your professional DNS address
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  • £ 50.00 Inc. VAT

Gold Priority 6 Service Package and 5 Year Extended Warranty

  • £85 per year, just £1.63 per week!
  • Fast track email and telephone support, 1st responce within 2 hours
  • Includes system setup and configuration (no extra fees)
  • Ongoing support and advice including system logins and reconfigurations
  • 5 Year extended warranty
  • Covers up to 6 individual items
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  • £ 85.00 Inc. VAT

Support Packages for CCTV Systems

Most of our CCTV systems now have a remote access function, letting you watch live or recorded footage from your cameras securely via a PC, or even from a mobile device. These kits are far more user-friendly than they were in the past when they almost required a degree in network engineering to configure. Most of the newest kits can be set up by a quick scan of a code, or by going through an automated set up wizard in your recorder.

Even so, we know there are still lots of users who tend to shy away from talk of IP addresses and routers and would prefer not to configure everything themselves. Because of this, we have put together our range of exhaustive remote access setup services. When you opt for one of these, one of our helpdesk team can remotely log in to your computer at a pre-arranged time, and do all the technical stuff whilst you sit back and relax with a cuppa.

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