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TP Link 1000Mbps Powerline Adapter Kit- Run internet via mains

  • Converts an existing mains power supply into a network
  • No configuration required, just plug in and pair devices
  • Allows data transfer of up to 1000Mbps
  • Works on a line length of up to 300m
  • Features pass-through power so you can still use socket
  • Ideal for connecting your DVR to a router in another room
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  • £ 79.00 Inc. VAT

Netgear 16 Port Gigabit Ethernet Network Switch for IP Cameras & NVRs

  • Netgear gigabit ethernet switch with 16 RJ45 ports
  • Allows you to connect up to 15 IP cameras to one internet router
  • Helps boost performance of larger HD security systems
  • Automatically switches between 10/100/1000Mbps connections
  • Green mode reduces power consumption by up to 43%
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  • SAVE £ 93.60 £ 86.40 Inc. VAT

Long Range Wireless WiFi Bridge for IP Cameras

  • Transmitter and receiver pack for long range WiFi link
  • Send IP camera signal up to 5km in line of sight
  • 5.8GHz signal helps prevent interference for clear signal
  • Includes pole mounts for outdoor installation
  • A great way to transmit IP cameras and CCTV signals wirelessly!
  • Up to 300Mpbs to provide fast link for demanding security needs
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  • £ 198.00 Inc. VAT

Hikvision 5 Port PoE Network Switch

  • 5 Port network switch for power-over-ethernet cameras
  • Connects and powers up to 4 PoE IP cameras
  • Helps manage network traffic for larger systems
  • Provides up to 30W of power output per port
  • Designed to provide steady and reliable power
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  • SAVE £ 11.99 £ 47.41 Inc. VAT

Hikvision 9 Port PoE Network Switch

  • 9 Port network switch compatible with power-over-ethernet IP cameras
  • Powers up to 8 PoE IP cameras from one central point
  • Helps manage data flow for larger systems
  • Ouputs 30W of power per PoE port
  • Provides stable and reliable power for your security system
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  • SAVE £ 30.15 £ 119.25 Inc. VAT

Netgear N300 Wifi Range Extender

  • Powerful Wifi repeater from Netgear
  • Extends the range of your Wifi's coverage
  • Helps ensure every part of your house or office has signal
  • Supports networks up to 300Mbps
  • Perfect for use with our Green Feathers Wifi cameras
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  • SAVE £ 6.05 £ 23.93 Inc. VAT

Ubiquiti NanoBeam ac Wifi Bridge Pair - 5GHz

  • Transmitter and receiver kit for long range Wifi
  • Sends IP camera data over 1km in direct line of sight
  • Uses 5.8GHz wifi to help ensure clear signal
  • Up to 450Mbs throughput for high resolution footage
  • Compact design with easy to adjust ball & socket mount
  • Suitable for outdoor use in driving wind & rain
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  • SAVE £ 44.19 £ 174.81 Inc. VAT

Ubiquiti Gigabit PoE Converter with Outdoor Casing

  • Transforms passive PoE devices into 802.3af
  • Lets you power a Wifi bridge with a PoE switch
  • Weatherproof housing allows outdoor use
  • Compatible with Gigabit ethernet
  • Features built-in surge protection
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  • £ 30.00 Inc. VAT

Networking Accessories for CCTV

Here you will find the extras you might need for an IP CCTV system that connects to a network, including switches. If you're buying a complete IP CCTV system from us then it's likely that all of the CCTV networking accessories you need are already included in your kit. Should you need to order any extras then everything you need can be found here.

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