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Ubiquiti NanoBeam ac Gen 2 Wifi Bridge Pair - 5GHz

  • Transmitter and receiver kit for long range WiFi
  • Sends IP camera data over 1km in direct line of sight
  • Uses 5.8GHz wifi to help ensure clear signal
  • Up to 450Mbs throughput for high resolution footage
  • Compact design with easy to adjust ball & socket mount
  • Suitable for outdoor use in driving wind & rain
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  • £ 219.00 Inc. VAT
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Long Range Wireless WiFi Bridge for IP Cameras

  • Transmitter and receiver pack for long range WiFi link
  • Send IP camera signal up to 5km in line of sight
  • 5.8GHz signal helps prevent interference for clear signal
  • Can be easily mounted to poles for outdoor use (not included)
  • A great way to transmit IP cameras and CCTV signals wirelessly!
  • Up to 300Mpbs to provide fast link for demanding security needs
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  • £ 198.00 Inc. VAT

Ubiquiti Gigabit PoE Converter with Outdoor Casing

  • Transforms passive PoE devices into 802.3af
  • Lets you power a Wifi bridge with a PoE switch
  • Weatherproof housing allows outdoor use
  • Compatible with Gigabit ethernet
  • Features built-in surge protection
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  • £ 30.00 Inc. VAT

Netgear N300 Wifi Range Extender

  • Powerful Wifi repeater from Netgear
  • Extends the range of your Wifi's coverage
  • Helps ensure every part of your house or office has signal
  • Supports networks up to 300Mbps
  • Perfect for use with our Green Feathers Wifi cameras
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  • £ 29.98 Inc. VAT

Virgin ISP Setup

  • Select this for Wifi bridges preconfigured to Virgin internet
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Sky ISP Setup

  • Select this for Wifi bridges preconfigured to Sky internet
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Talk Talk ISP Setp

  • Select this for Wifi bridges preconfigured to Talk Talk internet
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Vodafone ISP Setup

  • Select this for Wifi bridges preconfigured to Vodafone internet
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Wi-Fi Networking Accessories

Our range of specialist Wi-Fi networking accessories has been put together to help improve the coverage of wireless networks. They offer essential solutions for everything from wildlife cameras in your garden to long-range transmission of security footage around larger properties.

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