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60m Professional Copper RG59 BNC Video and DC Power CCTV Cable

  • Massive 60m Professional CCTV cable with Video and DC Power
  • Video wire uses high grade Bare Copper RG59 cabling
  • Twist fit BNC connector for Video
  • Standard 2.1mm Power jack for DC
  • Waterproof PVC insulation allows use outdoors
  • Perfect cable for our Professional HD Cameras!
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Female to Female BNC Coupler for CCTV Video Extension Cables

  • BNC Female to Female coupler
  • Adapter for AV and CCTV Systems
  • Use to join or extend your CCTV video cables
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  • £ 1.99 Inc. VAT

5 Metre DC Power Extension Cable with 2.1mm/5.5mm Jack

  • DC power extension cable with male & female connectors
  • Compatible with our 12V CCTV Cameras
  • 2.1mm inner pin and 5.5mm outer diameter jack
  • Please note- this is not compatible with our 8V bird box cameras
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9V PP3 Battery Clip for Camera with 2.1mm Connector

  • PP3 Battery Clip for CCTV and Bird Box Cameras
  • Power your Nest Box Camera with a PP3 Battery
  • Male DC Plug has 2.1mm inner diameter 5.5mm outer
  • Perfect if you want a completely wire-free setup
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  • £ 1.99 Inc. VAT

BNC Video Balun (Pair) Transmit CCTV over Cat 5 Cable

  • Allows you to send and receive video signals over Cat5
  • Suitable for transmission through up to 300m of cable
  • Includes widely used BNC connector
  • Passive Adapter- requires no power
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  • SAVE £ 4.40 £ 6.59 Inc. VAT

12V DC Rechargeable Li-On Lithium 6800mAh Battery for Security Cameras

  • Portable rechargeable battery for 12V CCTV cameras
  • High 6800mAh battery capacity (up to 36 hours)
  • Lithium Battery perfect for Wireless CCTV Cameras
  • Battery Compatible with DC 12V IR and Spy Cameras
  • Use high capacity battery for portable CCTV solution
  • Li-On Battery Charger, Cable and Manual included
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8V DC Rechargeable Li-On Lithium 6800mAh Battery for Birdbox Cameras

  • Rechargeable 8V lithium battery for bird box cameras
  • High 6800mAh battery capacity (36 hours capacity)
  • Compatible with 8V DC wildlife and birdbox cameras
  • Power your nest box camera with no trailing wires
  • Use lithium battery to power a hidden spy camera
  • Lithium Battery Charger, Cable and Manual included
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  • SAVE £ 4.38 £ 24.84 Inc. VAT

BNC Crimp Fit Connector for RG59 Coaxial CCTV Cable

  • Crimp On BNC plug for secure connection
  • Quickly attaches onto RG59 coaxial cable
  • Ideal for connecting Sony EFFIO cameras
  • Requires Crimping tool (not included)
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B-Grade Spare Outdoor Digital Wireless Camera w PIR for LCD Receiver

  • B-Grade additional camera for DVRDIG systems only
  • Digital wireless transmission allows up to 150m range
  • Motion Detection from built-in PIR sensor
  • IR LEDs provide 15m night vision
  • IP66 weather resistance allows outdoor use
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Masterplug 6 Way Surge Protected Power Extension Lead with 2m Cable

  • Masterplug 6 way surge protector with 2 metre cable
  • 13 amp maximum load, perfect for 4 camera CCTV packs
  • Surge protection keeps you and your equipment safe
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  • SAVE £ 2.21 £ 12.55 Inc. VAT

100m Reel RG59 Coaxial Shotgun CCTV Video Cable with DC Power Line

  • 100 Metre reel of RG59 coaxial shotgun CCTV cable
  • Shielded RG59 cable carries video signal
  • Fitted with attached pair of wires to carry DC power
  • Allows you to run video and power to the camera in one cable
  • Waterproof and suitable for outdoor use
  • Cut to the required length for your installation
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Inline Remote Up-the-Coax Controller for Analogue CCTV Cameras

  • Inline remote controller for analogue CCTV camera OSD menus
  • Allows you to adjust settings such as WDR adjustment and contrast
  • Provides a powerful way to fine tune the camera's image
  • Works in-line with standard BNC video cable
  • Works with all of our wired professional Sony Effio P cameras
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5 Metre DC Power Cable for Gadgets and CCTV Cameras w 1.7mm Jack

  • 5m DC Power extension cable with 1.7mm Jack
  • Can be used with many devices including gadgets and CCTV
  • High quality cable is waterproof and suitable for outdoors
  • Cable can also be buried to reach location
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6V 3000mA Mains Power Supply for 5210/6210 Hunting & Trail Cameras

  • 6V Mains power supply for hunting & trail cameras
  • Compatible with all of our models- 5210 and 6210
  • Allows you to run camera indefinitely when near power
  • 3 pin UK mains connection
  • LED light displays when power is on
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  • SAVE £ 1.05 £ 5.94 Inc. VAT

50m IR Illuminator LED Security Floodlight for Night Vision CCTV

  • Infrared illuminator for use with night vision CCTV camera systems
  • Powerful LEDs illuminate subjects up to 50m away
  • Simple way to boost your camera's IR range, or light certain areas
  • Works with all IR sensitive CCTV cameras
  • Light sensor automatically turns illuminator on/off
  • Uses energy efficient LEDs
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CCTV Accessories – Cables, Connectors, Lenses, Memory Cards & More

We sell numerous CCTV accessories and security products here at SpyCameraCCTV for setting up and customising your surveillance equipment. Whether you require a camera lens for your spy camera, a cable to extend the range of your security system or some connectors to couple existing cables, you will find something to accommodate your needs. Changing the lens of a spy camera or pinhole camera is a great way to disguise it for use in covert applications, simply take a look at our lens category.

CCTV cables are another key component to a security system and one that often gets overlooked. A high-grade cable, however, can be the difference between a sharp image and a disappointing one, especially for lengths of 40 metres or over. We also stock a wide range of Ethernet network cables for connecting together IP camera systems or for linking your DVR to your router. As well as this we have connectors to link it all together: Ethernet switches, baluns & PoE injectors are all here.

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