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High sensitivity CCTV Microphone with Pre-Amp and In-Line Power

  • High sensitivity CCTV microphone with 12V in-line power
  • Built-in preamp helps boost audio recording
  • Great for using to record quieter subjects
  • Draws power from your CCTV camera's mains supply
  • Easily connects to a CCTV DVR using an RCA phono cable
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  • £ 12.99 Inc. VAT
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Hikvision HiWatch IP 4MP Turret Camera with Motorised Zoom, 30m IR

  • Easy to use 4 megapixel security camera from Hikvision
  • Part of the HiWatch IP range, designed for DIY and home use
  • Features 30m night vision and IP67 weatherproof housing
  • Motorised zoom lets you remotely set field of view
  • View and record remotely via PC or mobile device
  • Power-over-Ethernet allows use without dedicated power supply
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  • SAVE £ 104.40 £ 104.40 Inc. VAT

Hikvision HiWatch 8 Channel NVR

  • This HiWatch recorder from Hikvision makes IP CCTV simple!
  • Records up to 8 cameras simultaneously
  • Built-in Power over Ethernet ports powers up to 8 cameras
  • Compatible with Hard Drives up to 6Tb in size
  • HDMI output to easily connect to a monitor or TV
  • Hikvision app provides remote access via mobile or PC
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  • SAVE £ 49.74 £ 116.05 Inc. VAT

USB Video Capture Device for Mac OS X

  • Allows you to record analogue video onto your computer
  • Compatible with Apple Mac Computers
  • Captures Stereo Audio as well as Video
  • Includes S-Video plug
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  • £ 32.00 Inc. VAT

2.4GHz Wireless Receiver with Fixed Antenna

  • 2.4GHz wireless receiver for analogue wireless cameras
  • Connects to any one of 4 wireless channels
  • Manual channel selector switch
  • Works with our wireless bird box cameras and spy cameras
  • RCA connection plugs into the back of TV or monitor
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  • £ 29.99 Inc. VAT

RS485 PTZ Controller with Mini Joystick, PELCO D

  • PTZ Controller for remote control of pan tilt zoom cameras
  • Mini joystick allows intuitive fingertip control
  • Supports multiple camera protocols, including PELCO D and C
  • Can connect to up to 255 separate cameras
  • Compact size keeps weight down and allows quick setup
  • Allows preset positions and routes to automate camera
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  • £ 123.99 Inc. VAT

128GB USH-1 Grade 1 MicroSD Card with Adaptor Class 10

  • MicroSD memory card with huge 128GB storage capacity
  • High speed class 10 card suitable for HD cameras
  • Includes adapter for use in full size SD devices
  • Card is waterproof, protecting data from damage
  • Design is resistant to X-ray and magnetic fields
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  • £ 67.99 Inc. VAT

1TB Seagate Surveillance Grade HDD

  • 1TB hard disk drive from Seagate
  • Surveillance grade drive suitable for use in DVRs
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  • £ 80.00 Inc. VAT

2TB Seagate Surveillance Grade HDD

  • 2TB hard disk drive from Seagate
  • Surveillance grade drive ideal for use in a CCTV DVR
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  • £ 120.00 Inc. VAT

B-Grade 25% Off 1080p HD Waterproof Trail Wildlife Hunting Camera

  • B-grade wildlife hunting camera designed for the outdoors
  • 1080p Full HD video & 12 megapixel stills
  • PIR Motion detection with a range of up to 20m
  • Invisible infra-red night vision up to 25m
  • 12 AA batteries allow up to 8-month standby battery life
  • Laser alignment for easy installation
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  • SAVE £ 47.25 £ 141.75 Inc. VAT
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4TB Seagate Surveillance Grade HDD

  • 4TB hard disk drive from Seagate
  • Surveillance grade drive ideal for use in CCTV DVRs
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  • £ 240.00 Inc. VAT

6TB Seagate Surveillance Grade HDD

  • Huge 6TB hard disk drive for storing weeks of CCTV footage
  • Seagate surveillance grade drive ideal for use in DVRs
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  • £ 280.00 Inc. VAT

IP66 Waterproof Junction Box for CCTV Cables - 76x76x51mm

  • IP66 rated waterproof junction box for outdoor CCTV cameras
  • Durable plastic enclosure fits BNC or Cat6 cables
  • Securely screw cables into the internal holder
  • Protects cable connections from the elements
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  • £ 5.99 Inc. VAT

Hikvision 5 Port PoE Network Switch

  • 5 Port network switch for power-over-ethernet cameras
  • Connects and powers up to 4 PoE IP cameras
  • Helps manage network traffic for larger systems
  • Provides up to 30W of power output per port
  • Designed to provide steady and reliable power
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Hikvision 9 Port PoE Network Switch

  • 9 Port network switch compatible with power-over-ethernet IP cameras
  • Powers up to 8 PoE IP cameras from one central point
  • Helps manage data flow for larger systems
  • Ouputs 30W of power per PoE port
  • Provides stable and reliable power for your security system
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CCTV Accessories – Cables, Connectors, Lenses, Memory Cards & More

We sell numerous CCTV accessories and security products here at SpyCameraCCTV for setting up and customising your surveillance equipment. Whether you require a camera lens for your spy camera, a cable to extend the range of your security system or some connectors to couple existing cables, you will find something to accommodate your needs. Changing the lens of a spy camera or pinhole camera is a great way to disguise it for use in covert applications, simply take a look at our lens category.

CCTV cables are another key component to a security system and one that often gets overlooked. A high-grade cable, however, can be the difference between a sharp image and a disappointing one, especially for lengths of 40 metres or over. We also stock a wide range of Ethernet network cables for connecting together IP camera systems or for linking your DVR to your router. As well as this we have connectors to link it all together: Ethernet switches, baluns & PoE injectors are all here.

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