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Waterproof Trail Wildlife Hunting Camera 1080p HD with PIR Triggering

  • Wildlife hunting camera designed for the outdoors
  • 1080p Full HD video & 12 megapixel stills
  • PIR Motion detection with a range of up to 20m
  • Invisible infra-red night vision up to 30m
  • 12 AA batteries allow up to 8 month stand-by battery life
  • Laser alignment for easy installation
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Wide Angle Mini Spy Camera Recorder with Motion Detection 720p HD

  • Compact battery powered spy camera with MicroSD recording
  • Ultra wide angle lens can be rotated through 180°
  • Recording can be triggered by motion, sound or vibration
  • Captures detailed HD video at 1280 x 720 resolution
  • Built in battery can record for up to 10 hours per charge
  • Standby mode allows camera to work for up to 90 days on one charge!
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Mini Battery Powered HD Spy Video Recorder with Bluetooth Control

  • Tiny covert battery powered spy camera
  • Captures sharp 720p HD video from pinhole lens
  • Features motion, sound and vibration triggered recording
  • Built in battery allows 90 minutes recording or 15 days standby
  • Start and stop recording with your mobile via Bluetooth
  • Records to MicroSD cards up to 256GB in size
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  • SAVE £ 20.00 £ 79.99 Inc. VAT
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Mini Battery Powered Pinhole Spy Camera with Motion Detection 720p HD

  • Covert mini battery powered spy camera video recorder
  • Records crisp 720p video to MicroSD card
  • Features motion, voice and vibration video triggering modes
  • Built in battery allows up to 10 hours recording
  • Fully configurable using the free widget software
  • Ideal in-car CCTV solution
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  • £ 99.00 Inc. VAT
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Mini HD Battery Powered Spy Camera - Night Vision, PIR Detection

  • Compact battery powered HD spy video recorder with night vision
  • Built-in PIR sensor uses body heat to trigger recording
  • Records 1280x720p HD footage to MicroSD card slot
  • Integrated Lithium battery allows up to 24 hours continuous video
  • Leave on standby ready to record for months at a time!
  • Perfect for covert security in unlit rooms
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Mini Battery Powered WiFi Spy Camera Recorder - 720p HD

  • Compact battery-powered wifi spy camera with MicroSD card recording
  • WiFi connectivity allows you to watch footage on your smartphone
  • Recording can be triggered by motion and by voice
  • Captures detailed HD video at 1280 x 720 resolution
  • Ideal for home, shop or office security surveillance
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Spy Pinhole Camera Recorder with Sound Activation

  • Mini spy pinhole camera recorder with sound-triggered recording
  • VGA resolution colour video
  • Integrated microphone for audio capturing
  • 500 hour battery life on sound-activated mode
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery charges in 4 Hours
  • Supports up to 32GB MicroSD Cards
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  • £ 59.98 Inc. VAT
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Hikvision Covert Spy Camera - HD with Remote Access, MicroSD Recorder

  • HD covert spy camera and recorder kit from Hikvision
  • WDR and low Lux recording retains detail even in poor lighting
  • Captures crisp and clear images in 1080p HD resolution
  • Connects to compact MicroSD recorder with 8m cable
  • Allows remote access to watch over PC or mobile device
  • Smart features include line crossing and intrusion detection
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Foscam Pan Tilt 1080p HD WiFi IP Camera with 7m Night Vision, MicroSD

  • Simple to set up WiFi IP camera with mobile access
  • Uses Foscam's popular plug and play viewing software
  • Records high resolution video in 1080p HD
  • Remotely move pan and tilt the camera using the in-app controls
  • Records footage to internal MicroSD slot (card not included)
  • Makes an ideal nanny cam or pet camera
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  • £ 139.99 Inc. VAT
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Spy Camera Coffee Cup - 1080p HD, Wifi, MicroSD Storage

  • Tiny spy camera built into the lid of a to-go coffee cup
  • Captures high resolution 1080p HD video clips
  • Fits most standard 90mm disposable coffee cups
  • View and record clips from mobile devices using Wifi
  • Battery allows continuous recording for up to 180 minutes
  • Records to built in MicroSD slot (card not included)
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  • £ 269.95 Inc. VAT

HD Spy Key Fob - 1080p Camera with Wifi, 16GB MicroSD

  • Spy camera entirely concealed inside standard key fob
  • Records high resolution 1080p HD video, packed with detail
  • Small enough to clip onto your keys and carry in your pocket
  • Footage is time & date stamped, essential for law enforcement
  • View & record clips from your mobile device using Wifi
  • Built in battery allows over an hour of recording
  • Kit includes 16GB MicroSD card
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  • £ 199.99 Inc. VAT

HD Spy Camera In Car Phone Holder - 1080p MicroSD DVR, Night Vision

  • Tiny spy camera concealed inside in car mobile phone holder
  • Captures 1080p HD videos packed with detail
  • Infrared LEDs provide night vision for inside the vehicle
  • Built-in battery allows up to 3 hours of recording
  • Kit includes 16GB MicroSD card as standard
  • Suction mount attaches to window or dashboard
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  • £ 249.95 Inc. VAT

HD Pinhole Spy Camera with 1080p Portable Touchscreen DVR, Wifi

  • Body worn pinhole spy camera with portable mini DVR
  • Records high resolution video in 1080p HD quality
  • Low light camera works in conditions as dark as 0.03 lux
  • Recorder features 3 inch colour touchscreen
  • Built in battery allows up to 180 minutes recording time
  • Wifi access allows you to view and control camera from mobile
  • Ideal kit for mystery shoppers, journalists & investigators
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  • £ 469.95 Inc. VAT

Our Best Hidden Camera Recorders

We offer a range of mini spy gadgets featuring built-in video recorders. This allows them to record footage without needing to be wired to an external recorder. Every gadget in this category features recording to a built-in card slot – usually an SD or MicroSD card – as well as motion detection modes that trigger whenever a subject moves nearby. Some of the selection is even battery powered – perfect if you need a temporary recording solution to be stashed away at short notice.

Whilst they're not designed for permanent installation like our security cameras, our spy gadgets are the perfect solution if you need flexible but discreet recording.

Some scenarios require a spy camera to be in awkward to reach places where you just can't get a power cable to them. Our battery powered spy cameras are ultra discreet and can run on an internal battery for several hours. Multiple recording options, including sound and vibration detection which save battery life by only recording when something is happening.

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