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1080p HD Wifi Smoke Detector Camera with MicroSD Recording

  • HD spy camera concealed inside smoke detector housing
  • Records detailed footage in 1920x1080 Full HD
  • IP camera allows remote access via PC or mobile device
  • Wifi compatibility lets you connect to camera over wireless
  • On board MicroSD card slot allows recording and motion detection
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  • £ 149.00 Inc. VAT

Lawmate Spy Camera Coffee Cup 1080p HD WiFi MicroSD Storage

  • Tiny spy camera built into the lid of a to-go coffee cup
  • Captures high resolution 1080p HD video clips
  • Fits most standard 90mm disposable coffee cups
  • View and record clips from mobile devices using Wifi
  • Battery allows continuous recording for up to 180 minutes
  • Records to built in MicroSD slot (card not included)
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  • SAVE £ 83.99 £ 195.97 Inc. VAT

Lawmate HD Spy Key Fob 1080p Camera with WiFi 16GB MicroSD

  • Spy camera entirely concealed inside standard key fob
  • Records high resolution 1080p HD video, packed with detail
  • Small enough to clip onto your keys and carry in your pocket
  • Footage is time & date stamped, essential for law enforcement
  • View & record clips from your mobile device using Wifi
  • Built in battery allows over an hour of recording
  • Kit includes 16GB MicroSD card
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  • £ 204.95 Inc. VAT

Lawmate Spy USB Charger 1080p HD WiFi MicroSD Storage, Mains Power

  • Tiny covert camera hidden inside USB mains charger
  • Records high resolution video clips in 1080p Full HD
  • Plugs into wall socket and works as 5V USB charger
  • Wifi access lets you view and record video from mobile
  • Draws power from mains, no battery or charging required
  • Records to built-in MicroSD slot (card not included)
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  • £ 259.96 Inc. VAT

Lawmate HD Spy Power Bank 1080p Camera with WiFi MicroSD Storage

  • Tiny spy camera hidden inside functioning USB power bank
  • Records 1080p Full HD video for highly detailed images
  • Connect using Wifi to view & control camera from your phone
  • Remotely log in to view from anywhere in the world
  • Allows continuous recording for up to 6.5 hours
  • Includes 16GB MicroSD for storing footage
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  • £ 289.96 Inc. VAT

Lawmate HD Spy Headphones 1080p Camera with WiFi MicroSD Storage

  • Spy camera concealed inside one ear of wireless headphones
  • Captures detail packed 1080p Full HD video
  • Forward facing camera captures everything in front of you
  • Functional headphones can play music stored on MicroSD card
  • Rechargeable battery allows over 2 hours continuous recording
  • Kit includes 16GB MicroSD card for storing footage
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  • £ 309.95 Inc. VAT

Lawmate Pinhole WiFi 1080p Covert Alarm Clock Camera & DVR

  • Stylish bedside clock, ideal for covert recording at home or in the office
  • Watermarked time-stamped evidential grade full HD pin-sharp video
  • Infrared night vision and low light sensor for clear views even at night
  • Continuous or motion-detection recording modes
  • Live view, stop-start recording and 2MP photo snapshot capability
  • SSID (WiFi network) visible/hide switch
  • Up to 32GB MicroSD storage space with 16 hours total recording time
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  • £ 309.00 Inc. VAT

WiFi HD Spy Camera Hidden in Smoke Detector with MicroSD Recording

  • Tiny covert IP camera hidden inside smoke detector housing
  • Captures digital video in 1280x720 HD resolution
  • Network camera can be viewed live online via PC or mobile
  • WiFi connection means you can view camera over wireless
  • Features MicroSD slot for storing footage (card not included)
  • Built-in recorder allows motion detection
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  • SAVE £ 80.00 £ 69.00 Inc. VAT

Hidden Spy Cameras for Home & Office

We usually say that a big, visible and impressive CCTV system is a benefit as much as a deterrent as it is to record incidents. Despite this, there are some situations when your cameras really need to remain unseen. For example, if stock is going missing at work and you need to catch the culprit red-handed in order to take action. Because of this, we offer a range of covert recording solutions for those scenarios where discretion is essential. Some of these kits offer cameras sneakily disguised as everyday objects, such as smoke detectors or light sensors, whereas others are just really small and easy to hide somewhere out of sight. This all means that, whether you are looking for a professional kit to monitor your business, or a tiny camera to protect your car, we're sure to have you covered.

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