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Mini Covert Wireless Pinhole Spy Camera USB Recorder Kit

  • Mini pinhole spy camera for covert security applications
  • Wireless transmission up to 50 metres in clear line-of-sight
  • Camera is easily hidden and captures 700TVL colour video
  • Includes USB Video capture device for recording to Windows PCs
  • Free iSpy software features powerful recording modes and much more
  • Also connects to TV for live viewing
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  • SAVE £ 13.86 £ 59.11 Inc. VAT
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Mini Battery Powered WiFi Spy Camera Recorder - 720p HD

  • Compact battery-powered wifi spy camera with MicroSD card recording
  • WiFi connectivity allows you to watch footage on your smartphone
  • Recording can be triggered by motion and by voice
  • Captures detailed HD video at 1280 x 720 resolution
  • Ideal for home, shop or office security surveillance
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  • SAVE £ 30.21 £ 128.79 Inc. VAT
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960p HD WiFi Spy Camera - Covert Pinhole Lens, MicroSD Recording

  • Tiny HD spy camera, perfect for covert security
  • IP camera connects to WiFi for viewing on PC, phone or tablet
  • Records 960p HD video (1.3mp), packed with detail
  • Pinhole lens can record through 2mm gaps
  • Records footage to MicroSD card, no recorder required
  • Software allows motion detection & scheduled recording
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  • SAVE £ 20.71 £ 88.29 Inc. VAT

Mini Hidden Wireless Pinhole Spy Camera for Mac w USB Video Capture

  • Wireless hidden Pinhole Camera with up to 50m range
  • Discreet camera is only about the size of an Oxo cube!
  • Camera records colour video at 700TV Lines
  • Includes Mac compatible USB Video Capture Device
  • Record spy videos straight to your Apple Mac!
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  • SAVE £ 14.25 £ 60.75 Inc. VAT
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WiFi PIR Sensor Hidden Spy Camera with Motion Detection 720p HD

  • Wireless IP camera hidden inside a PIR sensor
  • Camera Footage can be viewed over a WiFi network
  • View live footage remotely on a mobile device
  • Records high resolution colour video at 720 HD
  • Included Software allows Motion Detection monitoring
  • Records to PC or MicroSD card (card not included)
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  • SAVE £ 32.11 £ 136.89 Inc. VAT
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Foscam Pan Tilt 1080p HD WiFi IP Camera with 7m Night Vision, MicroSD

  • Simple to set up WiFi IP camera with mobile access
  • Uses Foscam's popular plug and play viewing software
  • Records high resolution video in 1080p HD
  • Remotely move pan and tilt the camera using the in-app controls
  • Records footage to internal MicroSD slot (card not included)
  • Makes an ideal nanny cam or pet camera
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1080p HD Wifi Smoke Detector Camera with MicroSD Recording

  • HD spy camera concealed inside smoke detector housing
  • Records detailed footage in 1920x1080 Full HD
  • IP camera allows remote access via PC or mobile device
  • Wifi compatibility lets you connect to camera over wireless
  • On board MicroSD card slot allows recording and motion detection
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  • SAVE £ 28.31 £ 120.69 Inc. VAT

1080p HD Wifi PIR Sensor Camera with MicroSD Recording

  • HD spy camera concealed inside PIR sensor housing
  • Records detail packed 1920x1080 Full HD video
  • IP camera allows remote viewing via PC or mobile device
  • Wifi compatible for connecting to camera without cables
  • Built in MicroSD slot allows recording and motion detection
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  • SAVE £ 28.31 £ 120.69 Inc. VAT

Covert Home & Office Spy Cameras

We usually say that a big, visible and impressive CCTV system is a benefit as much as a deterrent as it is to record incidents. Despite this, there are some situations when your cameras really need to remain unseen. For example, if stock is going missing at work and you need to catch the culprit red-handed in order to take action. Because of this, we offer a range of covert recording solutions for those scenarios where discretion is essential. Some of these kits offer cameras sneakily disguised as everyday objects, such as smoke detectors or light sensors, whereas others are just really small and easy to hide somewhere out of sight. This all means that, whether you are looking for a professional kit to monitor your business, or a tiny camera to protect your car, we're sure to have you covered.

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